3/10/2023 Senate District 15 Newsletter

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Senator Janeen Sollman

Friends and Neighbors,

Legislative Updates

SB 548 Has Passed!

  • This week, SB 548 passed the Senate and will move on to the House. I am so excited to carry forward the work that local organization, Project Never Again, has done for years, working to give duffel bags to foster youth. SB 548 will make it a uniform, statewide practice to provide duffel bags to all of our foster youth when they carry their belongings.
SB 548 Vote Count

SB 548 Graphic

HB 2426 - Choice at the Pump - Has Passed out of House Committee

  • HB 2426 will allow gas stations to offer Oregonians freedom of choice in fueling. At least 50% of the pumps at a fueling station would be designated for attendant service only- providing assisted access to elderly, disabled, and any customer that still wants to use an attendant for fueling. We know that workforce shortages have caused issues for businesses and consumers alike, causing significant constraints and delays at fueling stations. Some gas stations have had to close pumps down or even close for the day because of worker shortages. Today, Oregon has a patchwork of regulations for self-service. This will help create a uniform system across the state where every county is on the same page and every driver has consistency going between neighboring states. The price of self-service and full service will remain the same and all existing ADA requirements will remain in effect. This is a smart policy that makes sense and allows people the freedom of choice. Oregonians can choose which method they prefer while giving business owners the flexibility they need to serve the public well.
  • Watch the full public hearing on HB 2426 here.
HB 2426

This Week's Testimonies

SB 548 testimony

Week 8 Committee Snaps

Joint Committee on Semiconductors

This week, the Joint Committee on Semiconductors continued to take public feedback on SB4. Wednesday evening the following amendments were proposed regarding the Governor’s authority to rezone certain land to industrial land:

  • Before the Governor can issue an executive order, the Governor must conduct a public meeting to discuss bringing in potential land within an urban growth boundary. This public meeting must be made in coordination with the city nearest to the site, and each county in which the site is located on. After the public meeting is held, the Governor must accept public comment for a minimum of 20 days.
  • The Governor must then approve the plan for this land developed by the owners of the land, each local government with jurisdiction over the land and each public body with regulatory authority over the owner’s planned use of the land.
  • Any actions taken and decision made by the Governor under this amendment are final and are not land use decisions.

If you would like to read the language for this amendment and other proposed amendments please visit the “Amendments” tab on this website. You can also listen to Wednesday’s hearing using this link. If you’re interested in submitting written testimony on SB 4, you can do so until Friday, March 10 at 5PM. To submit any written testimony please visit this link.

The Joint Committee On Semiconductors meets every Monday and Wednesday from 5:00PM to 6:30PM. 

CHIPS In The News: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/the-chips-act-made-in-america-again/

Yesterday, I gave a floor remonstrance stating how beneficial the CHIPS Act will be for future workforce in our state. Watch here, or by clicking on the picture below.

Letter of support

Senate Committee on Energy and Environment

Public hearings were heard on the following bills:

  • SB 488: Requires municipal solid waste incinerator that accepts more than specified amounts of hospital, medical or infectious waste in calendar year to meet federal emissions limits for hospital, medical or infectious waste incinerator.
  • SB 582: Requires state agency that authorizes or funds, in whole or in part, installation of electric vehicle charging system located on customer's side of meter to require installing contractor or contractors to hold all legally required licenses and one or more electricians who hold Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program certification to supervise or participate in installation.
  • SB 803: Establishes standard for carbon intensity and other characteristics of diesel fuel used in on-road motor vehicles.

Work Sessions were held on the following bills:

  • SB 545: Directs State Department of Agriculture and Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules allowing consumers to use own containers for refilling with food at food establishment.
  • SB 852: Directs State Department of Energy to establish program to provide assistance related to energy projects and activities to environmental justice communities.

Senate Committee on Housing and Development

Public hearings were heard on the following bills:

  • SB 648: Prohibits counties from allowing use of certain new dwellings on resource lands as vacation occupancies.
  • SB 998: Authorizes cities to include modifications to system development charges in housing productions strategy.
  • SB 1069: Allows residential landlord and tenant to agree to provide written notices by electronic messages and allow landlord to refund moneys by electronic means.
  • SB 1013: Requires counties to allow certain rural homeowners to site one recreational vehicle on their property.
  • SB 503: Requires Real Estate Agency to study homeowners associations

Joint Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety

Informational Meetings were held and Public Testimony was heard on the following:

  • SB 5512: Oregon Judicial Department Budget Bill
  • SB 5541: Oregon Youth Authority Budget Bill

A Work Session was heard on the following: 

Week 8 - Oregon State Capitol Visits to #S207 (Your Senate District 15 Capitol office)

Collage Pics

Clockwise from bottom left: SB 551 Supporters, Hilary Uhlig and Sherri Anderson, University of Oregon OSPIRG Students, West Tuality Habitat for Humanity Advocates

Collage Pics

Clockwise from bottom lef: With Youth Voices student, Seth Kugel, TVF&R Chief Brian Smith, Advocates for OYA Budget Bill, OSEA Education Day Advocates

Education Updates

Computer Science Education Survey

Shared from the Oregon Department of Education

Your feedback matters!  The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) are writing a Statewide Computer Science Implementation Plan to provide equitable access to computer science learning opportunities to every public school student in Oregon by the 2027-2028 school year. We are interested in feedback from students (K-12 and higher education), educators, education leaders, families, and industry professionals about their experiences with computer science and their hopes for the future of computer science in Oregon. Please complete the brief Computer Science Education SurveyThe survey is available in the languages linked below. The survey will remain open until Monday morning, March 20th, 2023. Additional information regarding the computer science implementation plan can be found on the front page of the survey. Please share with your communities. If you have others in your communities or networks who you think would be interested in sharing their perspective, please share these survey links. Thank you for your time, support, and feedback! We look forward to hearing from you! The links to the surveys are below.

Questions? Email us at: ode.csinitiative@ode.oregon.gov.

Thank you, CS Initiative Team

Survey Links:

Intern Corner

Celebrating Women's History Month

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian-American actress and inventor who pioneered the technology that would one day form the basis for today’s WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth communication systems. Society has long ignored her genius in favor of her natural beauty and presence on the big screen. Lamarr was able to help fuel her inventive desire with help from business and pilot Howard Hughes, who lent her a small set of equipment to work on things in between takes, in addition to the inventing table set up in her home.

Her most important invention was engineered as the United States geared up to enter World War II. George Antheil and Hedy Lamarr met at a cocktail party. They began to tinker, developing a new communication system that involved “frequency hopping,” amongst radio waves with both the transmitter and the receiver hopping to new frequencies together. Doing so prevented the interception of the radio waves, thereby allowing the torpedo to find its intended target. It was rejected by the US Navy and Lamarr supported the war by selling war bonds instead. She didn’t see a penny from her earlier patent from the communication system and wasn’t recognized until 1997, when she and Antheil were awarded the Pioneer Award, and she also became the first woman to receive the Invention Convention’s Bulbie Gnass Spirit of Achievement Award. Even though she died in 2000, she was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2014 for her development of frequency hopping technology. This achievement has led Hedy Lamarr to be dubbed “the mother of Wi-Fi” and other wireless communications.

Mari Park

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Senate District 15 lies on Kalapuya land. The Atfalati were the northernmost band of the Kalapuya that lived along the Tualatin River in present day Washington County. Many of the Atfalati descendants are members of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon today. The Indigenous Peoples of this land experienced a painful history of colonial violence, sickness and removal from their land. The Atfalati are the foundation of Oregon’s past and we must honor them well into our future.    

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