Week 8: Deadlines Approaching

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Week 8: Deadlines Approaching

Hi all, 

This week marks two-months since the beginning of the 82nd Legislative Session. A lot has happened since mid-January, including more staff courtesies, testimony on legislation, and the introduction of bills that have drawn attention from both the public and the press. This week's newsletter covers all three, beginning with the introduction of staff on the Senate Floor. 

Upcoming Deadlines

In order for a bill to move forward in this session, it needs to be scheduled for a Work Session by this Friday (March 17th) and it needs to be voted out of committee no later than April 4th. Bills in regular policy committees cannot move forward if they are not scheudled and passed by those dates.

Senate Finance and Revenue Committee, Senate Rules, and all Joint Committee are not subject to these deadlines for various reasons.

Staff Courtesies

So far only a couple of staff members have been mentioned in the Newsletter, including my District Chief of Staff, Reagan Knopp, as well as my Legislative Assistant, Conner Barrie.

There are still many more staff members left to recognize, the first of them being Justin Brecht, the caucus Legislative Director. Justin is a very hard worker and is extremely dedicated to what he does for the Senate Republicans, and for the State of Oregon. Click here to watch me introduce him on the senate floor. 

Justin intro on floor

Below is another member of the Senate Republican Office staff, former Oregon State Representative Raquel Moore-Green. Raquel is the Chief of Staff for the Senate Republican Office and is doing a fantastic job in keeping the caucus organized and supporting its members. I Introduced her on the Senate Floor earlier in the session, click here to watch her introduction. 

Raquel floor introduction

SD 27 Headings


  • Last week I testified in support of Senate Bill 644 which would remove certain requirements on wildfire risk maps to approve the building of accessory dwelling units (ADU) in rural areas in order to help increase the number of housing units available in the state of Oregon. you can watch my testimony here

  • On Thursday I testified in support of House Bill 3127, which would ban the download and use of the application "Tik Tok" on state devices. You can watch my testimony here.

  • I also gave testimony on Senate Bill 1028. A bill requested by one of my
    constituents, it would modify the definition of abuse to include verbal abuse as a form of child abuse. You can watch my testimony here


Legislative Priorities

The current statute of limitations for first degree sex crimes in Oregon is 12 years, one of the shortest in the country. Senate Bill 986, which was introduced by Senator Thatcher and myself, would increase the law to 20 years.

SB 986 Press Conference

On Tuesday of last week, Danielle Tudor and Tiffany Edens, who are victims of “Jogger Rapist” Richard Gillmore, met in my office, along with Senator Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer), and Senator Cedric Hayden (R-Fall Creek) for a press conference at the State Capitol. You can watch the entire press conference here

Below is the subsequent press release from the Senate republican Office. 

Class-1 Sex Crimes Statute Press Release

SD 27 Headings

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting with a group from Central Oregon representing Habitat for Humanity (Image below). 

Habitat for Humanity  

Reschke with Ken Ruettgers

I also had the opportunity to meet with constituent Ken Ruettgers, former Greenback Packers offensive tackle and Super Bowl champion. Above is his picture with Representative Reschke (right) and Hollie Lukens (left) wearing his championship ring!

SD 27 Headings

Knopp, victims of Jogger Rapist want to change law
Koin 6 I Jenny Young 

Oregon Republicans push for crackdown on sex offenders
KPTV I Adrian Thomas

Oregon Revenue Department launches refund tracker for 2022 taxes
Oregon Capital Chronicle I Julia Shumway

Deschutes County backs out of support for managed homeless camp
The Bulletin I Anna Kaminski

Summit wins battle over Redmond to advance to 5A boys basketball state title game
The Bulletin I Brian Rathbone

Redmond council continues to tweak rules, spends $980k on housing projects
Redmond Spokesman I Nick Rosenberger

Plans set for clearing campers off airport, land swap property
Redmond Spokesman I Nick Rosenberger

Downtown site to be redeveloped
The Nugget I Jim Cornelius


Best Regards,


Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

email: sen.timknopp@oregonlegislature.gov I phone: 503-986-1727
address: 900 Court St NE, S-309, Salem, OR, 97301
website: http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/knopp
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