The most Bipartisan Bill of The Session Passes in The Senate

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Week 7: The Most Bipartisan Bill of The Session Passes in The Senate

Hi all, 

As we get further into the 2023 Session, there is an increase in activity as bills are coming up for a final vote on the Senate Floor. Last week was no exception with Senate Bill 853, which has the most bipartisan support of any bill so far.

Known as the "Travel Ban" bill, SB 853 would prohibit the state of Oregon from paying the cost of travel to or from Oregon for employees in state service, who telecommute from principal worksites more than 60 miles outside of the state.

On Wednesday, I carried SB 853 on the Senate Floor, followed shortly by a unanimous vote that passed it along to the House. Click Here to watch me speak in support of SB 853

Travel ban bill passes in the senate


Press release announcing the passing of Senate Bill 853  (below).

SB 853 Passes Press Release

A photo of the vote board in the Senate Chamber, showing the unanimous passing of SB 853 (below). 

reader board on sb 853

SD 27 Headings


  • On Tuesday I testified in the Rules Committee in support of Senate Bill 661, which would prohibit a lobbyist from serving as a chairperson of an interim committee, legislative work group or legislative task force. You can watch my testimony here
  • Another bill I testified in support of was Senate Bill 669 in the Finance and Revenue Committee. A bill I introduced to begin the work of restoring the research and development (R&D) tax. You can watch my committee testimony here

  • I also testified on behalf of one of my constituent bills last week, Senate Bill 1028. This Bill would modify the definition of "abuse" for purposes of child abuse to include verbal abuse. You can watch my testimony here


Legislative Priorities

Senate Bill 2, which I am a chief sponsor of, had its first reading on Wednesday of last week. The bill would give tax breaks to Oregon taxpayers that choose to rent out spare rooms in their homes. SB 2 is meant to assist in reaching Governor Kotek's goal of adding 36,000 units of additional housing per year in Oregon. This will not only help reduce the Oregon homeless population but will also offer some Oregon taxpayers additional streams of income. 


SD 27 Headings


  • Oregon Cattlemen’s Association at the State Capital Building
  • Central Oregon Land Watch at the State Capital Building
  • Mid Oregon Credit union annual meeting in Bend

Senator Knopp with his Advocacy Partner Award, which they presented to him after their meeting on Monday.  

SD 27 Headings

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Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

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