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Senator Tim Knopp

Week 4 Recap: Here's The Real Kicker



Many of you watched the Super Bowl yesterday. I did as well. Kickers played an important role in that game. Both teams played hard, and the team's kickers were crucial to the outcome of the game (I won’t spoil it here). I think Oregon has the best kicker in the country: our constitutional personal income tax kicker.

The last few years have been difficult for many. Not just for the people in Central Oregon, but for people all over the state. Although the pandemic is over, there are people still feeling the residual Government mandated shutdowns. Many people still struggling to afford gas for their cars, food for their families, and rent or mortgage for their homes. 

This last Tuesday, I used my time on the Senate floor to show support for a Kicker check to you, the Oregon taxpayers. I don't believe that we should dictate how your money is best spent; I entrust that to Oregonians.


You can view my full remonstrance here. 

senate floor: kicker-2/7/23

policy updates



Senate Committee on Human Services

  • Senate Bill 646 went to the Senate Committee on Human Services, and it had its first public hearing last week. I provided testimony in support of parents who were being paid to provide care to their disabled children. You can watch my testimony by clicking here.

Senate Committee on Education

  • Senate Bill 424 went to the Senate Committee on Education for a work session on Thursday of last week. SB 424 has support from many legislators including myself, and would prohibit secondary institutions of education such as colleges from withholding transcript from its students based solely on the student owing debt to the institution. you can see my f


853 testimony pic

    Senate Committee on Labor and Business

  • My last newsletter recognized SB 853. A bill I introduced last week that would not hold Oregon taxpayers responsible for reimbursing the travel costs of highly paid, remote managers who live out of state. This bill was signed by 56 legislators including all thirty members of the senate. Click Here to see my full testimony from Tuesdays committee.

Legislative Priorities 

Last week I shared a press release on the Kicker. Although Governor Kotek did not spend any of your kicker money in her recommended budget, it will be one of my priorities this session to preserve your kicker refund.

You can read the full press release below (sent out on 1/31)

Press Release

constituent meetings

SEIU Constituents

Last Monday I met with a group of constituents from the SEIU organization to Discuss HB2500, which would require that milage reimbursement be paid to home care workers, personal support workers, and other direct support professionals who commute more than 15 miles each way to a client's residence. 

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