Week Four: A Bipartisan Approach to Protecting Taxpayers

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Week Four: A Bipartisan Approach to Protecting Taxpayers



This week I was proud to introduce Senate Bill 853 with the support of all twenty-nine of my Senate colleagues. The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (ODAS) has a policy that requires taxpayers to reimburse state employees who are full-time remote worker to be reimbursed by their agency for travel into Oregon for work. A policy that was made available during the pandemic, at a cost that is absorbed by Oregon's taxpayers.

I first discovered the practice when Willamette Week wrote a story This last year, I committed to introducing the bill. I am thrilled it has received such bipartisan support. More media coverage of this legislation is available below.

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The remote-work trend rose during the pandemic as employees were encouraged to stay home. But as the pandemic came to an end, some chose to keep their full-time remote status. “Full-time remote” meaning they are required to work in Oregon fewer than 8 days a year. As of now there are still roughly 500 state employees that live and work far from the capital building in Salem. These employees have the option to request reimbursement if their position required that they be in person. Last week my office dropped SB 853, which would require state employees that choose to live out of state and telecommute to pay their own expenses when commuting to and from of the state of Oregon. I am proud to say that this bill was signed and supported by the entire Senate body, as well as 26 representatives from both sides of the aisle.

Just this last week, Willamette Week released another story on Wednesday (2/1) on the announcement of this bill. 

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Last week I testified for House Bill 2523, which would decrease the number of credit hours required to take the Oregon Certified Public Accountants exam. Oregon is one of the last states to reduce this requirement (From 150 hours to 120 Hours). I feel that this bill would help to counteract the shortage of CPAs in Oregon and would incentivize more aspiring accountants to both go to school and practice in our state. 

HB 2523 Testimony


Testimony on HB 2523


Legislative Priorities

This week Oregon Senate Republicans put out a press release highlighting my bill that would bar out of state employees from having the state to pay for their travel cost. All 30 Senators have signed on! You can read  the press release below. 

SB 853

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Over the course of first few weeks of session, I had the pleasure of meeting many constituents and the organizations they work and volunteer for at my office in Salem. Here are a few of the key meetings we had: 

  • Mayor Kebler of Bend
  • Redmond City Counselors – Cat Zwicker, Kathryn Osborne
  • Deschutes County Commissioner – Tony DeBone
  • NeighborImpact Head Start – Kim Brown
  • KIDS Center - Gil Levy 

I look forward to meeting more constituent groups and individuals as the session progresses. 


Sen. Tim Knopp and Neighborhood Impact Group Photo

SD 27 Headings


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