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Michael Dembrow

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Tomorrow is election day, and there are apparently MANY Oregonians who have not yet voted.  If you haven't, it's definitely not too late. 

But as a result of changes the Legislature made last year, IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO MAIL IN YOUR BALLOT. 

It used to be that your ballot needed to be mailed in time to be received by election day.  But as a result of passage of HB 3291 in 2021, it now only needs to be POSTMARKED by 8 pm on Election Day. 

AND YOU DON'T NEED TO HUNT AROUND FOR A STAMP! Thanks to legislative action in 2019, SB 861, (I was proud to be the lead sponsor on this one), voting by mail is now free of charge to the voter.  You can just drop it in the mail by the time that mail is picked up on Tuesday, and it will be delivered and counted.  

As always in the past, you can still drop off your ballot in an official drop box sometime before 8 pm on May 17.  Here's a list of the sites in Multnomah County.  And here's a link for the websites of other county elections offices.

So please remember to vote if you haven't yet.  If you've misplaced your Voter's Pamphlet, you'll find links at the County Elections Webpages (see above) for your local Guide.

And if you're tired of the political ads on TV or social media, or those mailers coming to you through the mail, relax in knowledge that things will soon be much quieter--at least till Labor Day!

Best wishes,

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Senator Michael Dembrow
District 23

phone: 503-281-0608
mail: 900 Court St NE, S-407, Salem, OR, 97301