3/17/2022 Senate District 15 Newsletter

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Senator Janeen Sollman

Friends and Neighbors,

Tomorrow begins a 60-day legislative communication blackout period for legislators running in the May primary. In light of the pause, I wanted to send one last newsletter with legislative highlights, my upcoming Community Conversations and community information. 

Nickole and I will still be available at sen.janeensollman@oregonlegislature.gov or (503) 986-1715. I look forward to reconnecting by newsletter after the primary election and hope to see you at the next Community Conversation.

Legislative Updates

This is a comprehensive list of all the bills I sponsored or supported in the 2022 session. I added links where I provided written testimony or a vote explanation on a bill. To watch my floor carries and committee testimonies, visit my YouTube channel here. As shown below, 22 out of 24 (92%) of the bills I supported were bipartisan, and I am proud of the work we did together, across the aisle, to make meaningful change for Oregonians.

I look forward to continuing to work on some of the concepts that didn't pass during the interim, for the 2023 session.

Bills That Passed

SCR 202: Recognizes and honors Paul Laruya Ramirez Sr. for his service to United States during World War II. Passed with bipartisan support.

SB 1510: Reinventing Justice - Requires police officer to inform stopped person of right to refuse consent to search.

SB 1520: Bottle Bill Updates - Requires certain distributors that do not participate in distributor cooperative to provide services for processing and paying refund value for beverage containers. Passed with bipartisan support. Was involved in the work group.

SB 1524: Modifies provisions of tax laws. Passed with bipartisan support.

SB 1543: Universal Representation - Provides for nonprofit organization that addresses and executes worker relief to serve as fiscal agent to award grants to organizations to provide services related to immigration matters through universal representation program. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

SB 1545: Future Ready Oregon - Establishes grant programs in Higher Education Coordinating Commission to provide funding for workforce development activities that aim to increase access for priority populations to training opportunities in technology, health care and manufacturing and to workforce development services and benefits. Passed with bipartisan support.

SB 1554: Directs Oregon Health Authority to study public health system response to COVID-19 pandemic. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

SB 1560: Updates statutory references to individual who is not citizen or national of United States to replace "alien" with "noncitizen." Directs state agencies to use "noncitizen" in rules and regulations to reference individual who is not citizen or national of United States and to update rules and regulations that use "alien" to use "noncitizen." Authorizes agencies to amend rule without prior notice or hearing for purpose of changing term or phrase in order to conform with change made by law. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

SB 1565: Makes unlawful practice for place of public accommodation to refuse to accept United States coins or currency as payment for goods and services. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

SB 1574: Includes specified documentation, when authorized by victim, in definition of "sexual assault forensic evidence kit" for purposes of statutes regulating collection, testing and retention of kits. Passed with bipartisan support-Unanimous. Sponsored.

SB 1576: Establishes product stewardship program for mattresses. Passed with bipartisan support. Co-Chief Sponsored.

SB 1579: Directs Oregon Business Development Department to develop and implement Economic Equity Investment Program to award grants to organizations that provide culturally responsive services to support economic stability, self-sufficiency, wealth building and economic equity among disadvantaged individuals, families, businesses and communities in Oregon. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

SB 1584: Creates procedure for filing petition for compensation for wrongful conviction. Passed with bipartisan support-Unanimous. Co-Chief Sponsored.

HB 4002: Farmworker Overtime - Prohibits employers from permitting or requiring agricultural workers to work in excess of maximum allowable hours unless workers are compensated for overtime hours worked. 

HB 4052: Requires Oregon Health Authority, guided by advisory committee to be convened by authority, to provide grants to operate two culturally and linguistically specific mobile health units, as pilot program, to improve health outcomes of Oregonians impacted by racism. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

HB 4095: Establishes Veterans Dental Program in Oregon Health Authority to provide oral health care to low-income veterans who reside in Oregon beginning in 2023. Passed with bipartisan support-Unanimous. Sponsored.

HB 4096: Authorizes health care practitioner authorized in another state or United States territory to practice in this state without compensation for specified number of days without obtaining licensure in this state. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

HB 4098: Expands designated state agencies that must work with Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission and requires agencies to meet with commission quarterly to review and report on each agency's progress and to report process and outcome measures established under commission's comprehensive addiction, prevention, treatment and recovery plan. Passed with bipartisan support-Unanimous. Co-Chief Sponsored.

HB 4113: Adds to cancers covered by rebuttable presumption of occupational disease for eligible non-volunteer firefighters. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

HB 4114: Requires members of district school board for common school district or union high school district to file verified statement of economic interest with Oregon Government Ethics Commission. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

HB 4124: Requires Department of Education to conduct survey related to academic assessments administered to students by school districts and to develop recommendations and best practices related to assessments. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

HB 4128: Directs Legislative Policy and Research Office to prepare report concerning Oregon's current framework for preventing, monitoring and responding to zoonotic disease. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

HB 4134: Requires insurer and health care service contractor to cover labor and delivery services provided at out-of-network health care facility, and medical transport of individual presenting with signs of labor from in-network facility to out-of-network facility, if services provided at out-of-network facility due solely to diversion of patient from in-network health care facility for reasons related to state or federal declaration of public health emergency. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

HB 4150: Requires Health Information Technology Oversight Council to convene one or more groups of stakeholders and experts to explore options to accelerate, support and improve secure, statewide community information exchanges. Passed with bipartisan support. Sponsored.

Bills That Did Not Pass

SB 1539: Establishes pilot program to provide funding to school districts for purposes of increasing access to schools by homeless students and improving academic achievement of homeless students. Bipartisan support. Sponsored.

SB 1562: Authorizes Health Licensing Office to issue sign language interpreter license to qualified applicant. Bipartisan support. Sponsored.

SB 1568: Establishes Medical Release Advisory Committee within State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision. Sponsored.

SB 1569: Directs Department of Revenue to develop schedule allowing personal income taxpayers to voluntarily report taxpayers' self-identified race and ethnicity identifiers. Bipartisan support. Sponsored.

SB 1590: Directs Department of Education, in consultation with STEM Investment Council, to develop statewide, long-term strategic plan to provide computer science education. Bipartisan support. Co-Chief Sponsored.

HB 4029: School Board Training - Requires governing body of public education provider to conduct self-assessment every two years.

HB 4097: (Bipartisan) Establishes income tax credit for volunteer firefighters. Bipartisan support. Sponsored.

HB 4099: Establishes Racial Equity and Justice Youth Collaborative. Sponsored.

HB 4147: Allows persons convicted of felony to register to vote, update voter registration and vote in elections while incarcerated. Co-Chief Sponsored.

HB 4151: Authorizes self-service dispensing of Class 1 flammable liquids at retail dispensary. Bipartisan support. Sponsored.

Community Outreach

Save the Date! Upcoming Community Conversations

Save the Date

Meals on Wheels People - Stride For Seniors


As a 10 year volunteer with Meals on Wheels I ask…let's take a Stride for Seniors, April 16, 2022! Stride for Seniors is a family-friendly walk to raise money to support homebound older adults experiencing food insecurity and social isolation. Team up, walk, and fundraise!

We're back in-person at Portland International Raceway! The health and safety of our supporters, staff, and volunteers is our top priority. They will communicate any safety precautions prior to event.

Register and find more information here.

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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

Enjoyed an afternoon at Helvetia Winery with good company, nibbles and song. What a beautiful day in the hills of Senate District 15 for St Patrick's Day. 

May peace and plenty bless your world

With a joy that long endures

And may all life's passing seasons

Bring the best to you and yours.

~An Irish Blessing

Be good to yourself and each other. 💚

Onward & Upward,


Senate District 15 lies on Kalapuya land. The Atfalati were the northernmost band of the Kalapuya that lived along the Tualatin River in present day Washington County. Many of the Atfalati descendants are members of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon today. The Indigenous Peoples of this land experienced a painful history of colonial violence, sickness and removal from their land. The Atfalati are the foundation of Oregon’s past and we must honor them well into our future.    

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