The 2022 Legislative Report

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Rep. Hieb

Legislative Update for the 2022 Short session

Hello all, 

The 2022 Legislative Short session ended quickly and on time.  The District had some clear gains in this Session which I will share with you.

Funding for the District & Clackamas County

Christmas Tree Funding

Immediately upon taking office, I began advocating for a funding request for the District and Clackamas County. 

I am very excited that we were successful in getting the funding package approved in a session with limited resources and lots of competition for dollars.  I worked hard to keep this funding package for Clackamas County in what is known as “the Christmas Tree Bill”.  It was one of the last pieces of legislation voted on this Session.  The Clackamas County Legislative delegation was successful in obtaining over $100 million dollars for critical infrastructure and programs.  Like the Canby Center and the new Clackamas County Courthouse. The bill can be found here  HB5202

Tolling on Interstate 205 & Interstate 5?

I am a member of the Clackamas Caucus which is comprised of a bi-partisan group of both House and Senate Members with districts within or a part of Clackamas County. One of our legislative priorities as a group was to address the tolling issue on our interstate highways that is being pushed forward by the Oregon Department of Transportation. Tolling will require the Federal Governments approval. Therefore, all 14 members of the Clackamas Caucus signed a letter to Oregon's Federal Delegation stating,  "As bipartisan, bicameral members of the Oregon Legislature representing districts located in Clackamas County, we are writing to raise our serious concerns about the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) current proposal to exclusively toll I-205 ahead of the rest of the Portland metro region – and to respectfully ask for your help and support to elevate our concerns with the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC), ODOT, and other relevant stakeholders so we can reach a meaningful solution for Oregonians. The current proposal for tolling I-205 will lead to more local traffic congestion, reduced road safety, and increased costs to everyday Oregonians; it is fundamentally unfair to our constituents and local businesses, and it will not help create the regional tolling program that OTC aims to establish. For these reasons we are united in our opposition to the current I-205 tolling plan." 

The letter in full can be found here.

Next Steps

The next legislative session begins in January 2023. During the interim prior to the start of the session my plans are to work on my legislative agenda and be prepared to introduce legislation that will benefit my district. My legislative priorities are: Support our local businesses that provide jobs; Provide quality Education to our children; Keep our communities safe; Address the needs of  all our population; Make Oregon a better place to live.  

II would like to meet with my constituents throughout the interim to discuss legislative concepts that have merit. We will be scheduling Town Hall meetings throughout the District to make it convenient for us District issues and to hear your thoughts and concerns. 

Please remember that my door is always open to hear from you about what will make your home a better place to live.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, if you have any questions or concerns and I look forward to continue to Represent the District into the future.

Semper Fidelis,

James Hieb

State Rep. James Hieb 1

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