Week Two at the Legislature

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Representative Anna Scharf

Kick off to Week 2 of Session.


Week 2 in the legislature is a critical week.  By the end of day today, all bills must have a posted work session to be held by 2/14 or they are considered dead.  There will be a slew of bills in both chambers rushing to meet those deadlines.  Here are a few to note that are very concerning:

HB 4002 – Over time pay for agricultural workers.  This bill was also introduced in the 2021 session where it did not move, but rather formed a workgroup to look at a compromise solution.  However, in addition to this new bill working its way through the legislature there is also a lawsuit in process that would bypass the legislative process and force overtime mandates through the Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI).  Another example of state agency overreach.

HB 4079 – 3% sales tax to fund monthly pay checks for low income individuals.  This bill already has amendments pending that amend and narrow the original intent of the program.  Instead of helping low income individuals, families and elderly, it would only help former foster youth and pregnant individuals living below the poverty line.  Yet, it has potential to collect revenue well beyond the demand and has no end date.

HB4133 – Allows social security card to be used for purpose of registering to vote.  Currently only US legal citizens are allowed to register to vote in the state of Oregon.  Non-US citizens here on Permanent Resident cards, which authorizes them to work, are issued social security cards for that purpose.  This bill could ultimately lead to non-US citizens in Oregon being allowed to register to vote.

I strongly urge you to follow these bills and many more using the Oregon Legislative information System (OLIS).  You can sign up for notifications of their movement, submit written testimony, sign up to testify on the bill, watch hearing live and after as they are recorded.  You can see who is on the committee that is hearing the bill and their contact information.  It is a great tool.  Here is a  link to OLIS:   https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2022R1

Please contact our office anytime for help or with you support or concerns.  Session ends March 7, 2022 so things move fast.  This is your Legislature and your voice needs to be heard. 

Yours truly,

Representative Anna Scharf

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