2022 Short Session Feb 1 - 4

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

2022 Short Session

This short session my focus will be to bring bills that improve the lives of Oregonians. From stopping crime, to fighting wildfires, Oregonians are ready to see their government take actions that help their quality of life. Below are some of the bills I've introduced to address the issues facing Oregon. 

SB 1573 - This bill would appropriate $50 million to State Forestry Department to fund increased forest thinning operations in specified wildfire-prone counties. Directs department to allocate millions to fund forest thinning operations on public lands located in each wildfire-prone county. Requires department to confer with county governing body of each county to determine which specific forest thinning operations to fund. This would allow local agencies to take charge and take proactive steps to protect their communities in manners that are best for them.

SJR 202 - This Senate Joint Resolution would amend the state's Constitution to require all commutations by the Governor to then receive a majority vote of approval from the Senate. This bill helps to protect the public, and gives the people more of a voice about which criminals may be ready to re-enter society and which need to finish their terms. 

SB 1539 - This bill establishes pilot program to provide funding to school districts for purposes of increasing access to schools by homeless students and improving academic achievement of homeless students. Directs Department of Education to award grants to school districts participating in pilot program from Statewide Education Initiatives Account. Sunsets pilot program July 1, 2025. Directs Department of Education to submit report on homeless students, including pilot program, to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to education. 

These bills improve the safety, education, and quality of life for all Oregonians, and help to ensure the promise of a better tomorrow. Additionally, I will be seeking to secure millions to support law enforcement efforts to combat illegal marijuana grows, illegal labor practices, and human trafficking practices by drug cartels. I will continue to work or the betterment of my district and all of Oregon. 

OHA To Lift Indoor Mask Mandate

The Oregon Health Authority has taken action to set goals that would remove the current indoor mask mandates in Oregon. The new rules make it so that either by March 31st or when the state has fewer than 400 people hospitalized with COVID-19, whichever comes first, that the Governor's mask mandate will be repealed. 

Democrats are finally realizing that mandates are not an effective way to govern. Transparency, accountability, and checks and balances preserve faith in our public health system. As we have seen, the Governor can reverse course at any time. Oregonians are demanding accountability. Republicans stand ready to reform the executive branch’s emergency powers to prevent this overreach from happening again.

Black History Month

It is an important time of the year to focus on the achievements and the racial disparities that Black Americans have faced. With that comes recognizing that in spite of those adversities, our nation has come far from its past sins of racial slavery. The promise of freedom and justice for all has been fought for by legends like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and countless others whom will never get the recognition that they deserve. I always find myself reflecting on my longtime friend and senate college, the late Senator Jackie Winters. A community leader, small business owner, mother, wife, and senator, Jackie was a tireless advocate for justice and equality. I am grateful for her friendship, and proud to continue her work and legacy. 

Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

LCPL Ostrovsky Memorial Sign

In 2021 I had the honor of working with the Ostrovsky family as well as other Veteran advocate leaders in our community to help install a memorial sign on the Cascade Lakes Highway. Lance Corporal Jack-Ryan Ostrovsky was one of nine U.S. Marines tragically killed in a training exercise where an amphibious assault vehicle sank. A Bend native, and a true patriot, his dedication to our country will never be forgotten. 

It was a privilege to ensure that the heroic sacrifice of LCPL Ostrovsky is never forgotten; he was a credit to the USMC, our community, and his loving family. My prayers and condolences are with them. 

Best Regards,


Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

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