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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family, and lots of yummy food! Although there is much to be thankful for, I know the holiday's can be very difficult as many of us are grieving the loss of a loved one, struggling financially, or just trying to navigate through this Covid-19 era. Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself needing help, please know you are not alone. There are many resources available in Oregon to assist with a multitude of needs and NAMI is great place to start. Please contact the HD 25 office should you need any assistance. 


As many of you know, November 30th is my last day in office. I first came to the Oregon Legislature in 2015...


(Pictured in 2014)

...and I finished after the 2021 session. It has been more than an honor to serve Oregon, House District 25, Keizer, St. Paul, Newberg and to serve with great people over these last 6 years.


(Pictured in 2021)

In 2014, I first ran for this office not knowing what I would be getting into and with a bit of a reputation thanks to my radio show. People in the Capitol were a bit hesitant about me at first, but then when they saw that I took the job seriously, they were so very helpful and kind. I’ve made life long friends on both sides of the political aisle and so appreciate them all.

From Rep. Brian Clem, to former Reps Jeff Barker and Brent Barton on the Democrat side of the aisle to Sen. Fred Girod, Rep. Cedric Hayden, Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson, Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis and former Reps Andy Olson, Gail Whitsett and many more. All had a part in making me a better person and a better legislator.

But there are two people who did the most to make me a better person in this job. My former Chief of Staff Betsy Schultz  and my current Legislative Director Abby Olson. Without them, I wouldn’t have lasted as long as I did and my office would have been a disaster. I want you to know the real secret in the State Capitol: The Legislators don’t do much…..the staff does EVERYTHING!! We would be helpless without them. I had two of the best and both are dear friends.


(Pictured with Betsy Schultz)


(Pictured with Abby Olson)

People have asked me: “won’t you miss this?” Yes of course I will. I will miss helping constituents with problems and solving them in many cases. I will miss the friendships. I will miss the State Capitol….from the first moment I walked into that rotunda and the House Floor, I was stunned that “I really work here!”. I am still stunned.

Most of all I will miss you, those who have allowed me to be a small part of your life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you will be represented well by whomever replaces me and I will always be “around” to help them should they need it. Although I am grateful for a new adventure in Nevada, Oregon will always be the place I call home. And don't worry, I will still keep you updated via social media or my website on all things news! 

Moving's what you need to know:

  1. HD 25 PCP's will be selecting three to five candidates on December 10th for the Marion and Yamhill County Commissioners, who will then appoint one of those candidates as the new State Representative for the remainder of this term.
  2. The newly appointed candidate will then be sworn into office. I would imagine you would know who your new State Representative is by the end of December.
  3. The legislature will meet January 11-13th for committee days, with the first day of the Short Session beginning on February 1st and constitutionally ending by March 7th.
  4. Lastly, if you missed the update on Sudafed, this is a must read!

If you need anything or have any questions, please call the office line listed below and someone will return your call. Thank you for all the support. Have a wonderful rest of the year!



Bill Post
State Representative - HD 25


(Pictured with Rep. Mark Owens and Rep. Dan Rayfield in 2021 on the House Floor)


(Pictured with Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis in 2021)


(Pictured with Reps. Zika, Moore-Green, Breese-Iverson, and Bonham on Aloha Friday)


(Pictured capturing the Liberty Flag)


(Pictured in the House Committee on Judiciary in 2015)


(Pictured with former Rep. Jeff Barker)


(Pictured in the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources with Chair Clem)

email: I phone: 503-986-1425
address: 900 Court St NE, H-479, Salem, OR 97301