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Senator Tim Knopp

2021 Redistricting

On Monday, the State Legislature concluded it's business in drawing the new legislative and congressional maps for the next election cycle starting in 2022 and for the decade following thereafter. The alternative was having one individual, the current Secretary of State, draw the legislative maps and a panel of judges draw the congressional map. Although I voted against these maps, because I do not believe they'd accurately represent communities of interest and Oregonians as accurately as they could, I strongly believe that these maps would be less representative if done by the Secretary of State and the Judges. 

Below you can find images of these maps, or click this link to view them in greater detail. 

The congressional map includes a new seat, Congressional District 6; you'll notice below in detail that a large portion of Deschutes County is now no longer in Congressional District 2, but Congressional District 5. 

Things are changing in Central Oregon as well, Senate District 27 now has new borders that have shrunk to more tightly wrap around the city of Bend's boundaries in the south and east. House District 53 no longer makes a "donut" style shape around House District 54 and no longer extends down to Sun River. I'd like to welcome sections of Sisters, Black Butte, Eagle Crest and other rural parts of Deschutes County into the district. 

While it looks like my constituents will be changing, my dedication to serving you and being your voice in Salem will not be. I look forward to serving you further. 

New Congressional Map

Oregon State Senate Map

Oregon State House Map

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Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

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