Special Session Update on Redistricting

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Representative David Brock Smith

Special Session on Redistricting

Legislative Update

Hello Friends,

It continues to be a contentious week in Salem as Speaker Kotek reneged on a very public agreement where the House Redistricting Committee would have bipartisan representation. She and Redistricting Committee Co-Chair Rep. Salinas continue to spread untruths saying that House Republicans did not choose to negotiate or collaborate. This is blatantly false. House Republicans chose to listen to the people and have a public, transparent process.

As the picture below clearly shows, the democrats chose not to listen to the overwhelming support for redistricting map Plan B, drafted by the House Republicans. The Senate Republicans chose not to draw their own map.

Redistricting Info


Further, Redistricting Co Chair Rep. Salinas continues to push the narrative that Republicans refused to negotiate, then said collaborate, then said no talks were prior to September 3rds redistricting town halls. But which is it? Our Republican Caucus has been very clear and transparent, we wanted to hear from Oregonians. 

The Hill Graphic


It is however very clear that Speaker Kotek, Co Chair Rep Salinas and the majority of the House Democrats have NO DESIRE to listen to the public and think they have a better shot lying to them and trying to change the narrative. Please CLICK HERE to watch Monday's Redistricting Committee Meeting, taking note on Co Chair Salinas's flip flopping over House Republican's negotiating, or is it collaborating and was it before public input or after?

Gerrymander Pizza


One can clearly see the Democrats illegal gerrymandered maps, as depicted above by the Gerrymander Pizza. Their plan would lock in five solid democrat congressional districts leaving only one republican. Yet, only 56% of the state voted Joe Biden for Presidents. Now, Democrat policies have failed Portland and their residents, so I can see why Congressman Blumenauer would love to move out of Portland to Bend, but that doesn't make his new district legal just because his lack of leadership in Portland has contributed to its decline. Our other Oregon Cities can't afford the lack of leadership that continues to plague Portland. 

Capitol Gold Man


Others agree with the fact that Speaker Kotek, Co Chair Salinas and the Majority of the House Democrats are gerrymandering and breaking the law. See the links below:

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Even some House Democrats are exposing the lies by Co Chair Salinas.

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Oregon’s Legislature redistricting process could be illegal, alleges Rep. Marty Wilde

To see the Democrats Gerrymandered maps, Click Here


As I am sharing this a little after 5 pm on Friday, September 24th, the Speaker has scheduled the House Floor to force these illegal gerrymandered maps through tomorrow morning at 9 am, Saturday, September 25th. 

Please reach out to Speaker Kotek, Co Chair Salinas, Senate Redistricting Chair Taylor, Senate President Courtney, House Democrat Redistricting Members Campos and Pham, by phone and email RIGHT AWAY and tell them to STOP gerrymandering, listen to their Republican colleagues and pass fair maps to benefit ALL Oregonians.

The links below will take you to the legislators contact information. 

House Speaker Kotek - CLICK HERE

Senate President Courtney - CLICK HERE

Senator Taylor, Chair Senate Redistricting Committee - CLICK HERE

Co Chair Salinas - CLICK HERE

Rep. Campos - CLICK HERE

Rep. Pham - CLICK HERE


Time is of the essence and the redistricting maps have a Monday, September 27th, midnight deadline. Please reach out to these legislators and CC me in your email so that I can compile your message to the Democrats that you want fair maps for all Oregonians.

It is and continues to be a honor and privilege to work with and for you as your State Representative for House District 01. I know that by working together, we will build a better Oregon. 



David Brock Smith

Representative David Brock Smith

House District 1
Curry, Coos, Douglas and Josephine Counties
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