September 2021 Newsletter


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Senator Manning

Redistricting - Make Your Voice Heard

This month, Oregon is working to redraw our electoral maps—a process called “redistricting” that happens every 10 years and is based on population data collected from the Census. Redistricting is a critical process that directly impacts our communities, from who represents us to the local and state funding we receive.

As part of this process, the Senate and House Redistricting Committees have released map proposals, and will be gathering feedback on those proposals from the public this week—starting today. If you’re able, please consider signing up to testify, or submitting your comments by email so that we can hear about your community and how lines can be drawn for fair representation in our state legislature and Congress.

Maps must be drawn according to legal requirements which say that districts must be contiguous, be of equal population, use existing geographic or political boundaries, not divide communities of common interest, and be connected by transportation links. I am confident that the Redistricting Committee has proposed good and fair maps that follow our constitutional and statutory requirements. I look forward to hearing feedback from Oregonians across our state on how these maps will impact their communities. For more information on submitting testimony, see the graphic below.

redistricting hearing schedule

Senator James I. Manning Jr represents North Eugene, West Eugene, Santa Clara, and Junction City in the Oregon State Senate.