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Senator James Manning Jr.

End of Session Accomplishments

The 2021 regular legislative session ended on June 26, bringing a few more of my sponsored bills across the finish line. I am so proud of the work that went into these measures, and I am grateful for the input and support of my colleagues, advocates, and community members. Find a round up below:

  • SCR 2 - Acknowledges the life of Patrick James Simpson, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army, retired (1940-2019).
  • SJR 10 - Proposes amendment to the Oregon Constitution to remove language allowing slavery and involuntary servitude for punishment of a crime.
  • SB 5 - Permits students participating in intercollegiate sports to earn compensation for use of name, image, or likeness (NIL) and to retain professional representation or athlete agent.
  • SB 428 - Extends the timeline to submit a report by the Task Force on Universal Health Care from the 2021 legislative session to the 2022 regular session.
  • SB 575 - Modifies process for expunction of juvenile records.
  • SB 710 - Modifies allowed and prohibited uses of restraint of children in care by certain programs.
  • SB 714 - Requires Department of Human Services to establish specified requirements for use of acuity-based staffing tool by residential care facilities.
  • HB 2007 - Allows Department of Consumer and Business Services to require implicit bias training for mortgage loan originators.

Senator James I. Manning Jr represents North Eugene, West Eugene, Santa Clara, and Junction City in the Oregon State Senate.

He is currently serving in his first Legislative session.