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Welcome Back!

Happy June, everyone! It has been very busy here in Salem. In this newsletter you will find a congratulations to the North Bend Municipal Pool, a legislation spotlight, two very different but equally important bills I sponsor, info on the Landlord Compensation Fund, and a congratulatory note to graduates. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (503) 986-1409 or at

North Bend Pool Awarded $187,000 Grant

I am pleased to see the North Bend Municipal Pool awarded the $187,000 Oregon Community Foundation Summer Learning Grant that will cover 100% of the operations for July, August, and September. The grant was intended to support the local response to COVID-19. Services during the next three months will be completely free for everyone! I was honored to be able to help in some small way make this dream a reality.
The pool will be hiring a full staff of lifeguards, swim instructors, and mechanical personnel, so send your applications to if you are interested!

North Bend Pool Awarded Summer Learning Grant

Click on the image above to watch Mayor Jessica Engelke and City of North Bend's Kaylee Marone's video on grant details, next steps, and services provided.

Legislation Spotlight: HB 2139 Passes

You may remember from my newsletter in March that Governor Brown and I both introduced bills relating to grants to provide transportation for veterans in rural areas so they can better access essential physical and mental healthcare services. Our veterans in rural areas deserve to receive greater accessibility to essential services and this legislation is a step in that direction!

This concept moved forward as House Bill 2139 and I was proud to carry it to the House Floor on Tuesday where it passed unanimously! 

Rep Wright carries HB 2139

Attempting to Ban Governor's Vaccine Passports

Many of us legislators have continued to push back against the Governor's seemingly endless and unchecked authority. Her recently implemented vaccine passport program is a clear violation of Oregonians' privacy and freedoms. It creates a two-tiered society where only certain groups are able to fully enjoy our rights. That is not acceptable.  

House Bill 3407, a bill introduced last week, would ban Governor Brown's discriminatory vaccine passport system. Earlier this week, some of my colleagues and I made a procedural move to "pull" the bill from the Speaker's desk to the House Floor for a vote. The vote to consider it failed on party lines.

Once again, the Super Majority seems all too happy to rubber stamp a Governor who sees no end to her own authority over our lives. I will continue to push back against unchecked executive power and demand greater oversight. 

HB 3407

HB 2699: Fighting for Babies Born Alive

Motion to Withdraw HB 2699 from Committee

Yesterday I was proud to join with 21 other members of the Oregon House to vote to consider House Bill 2699. HB 2699, The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, would have required that basic medical care be provided for babies born alive after an attempted abortion.

I was proud to sponsor this bill and stand up for our most vulnerable. This is a common sense proposal and I am deeply saddened that House Democrats would not even bring it up for discussion. Most Oregonians support this proposal. It's time we give it a hearing!

HB 2699

Landlord Compensation Fund Deadline Extended

Landlord Compensation Fund

The Landlord Compensation Fund is designed to provide relief to residential landlords who have been otherwise unable to collect rent due to tenant financial hardship. Landlords can directly apply for these resources through an online appliction portal. Landlords whose applications are accepted and awarded will receive 80% of unpaid rent they are owed by qualified tenants from April 2020 through the application period. The deadline for the third (and final) round has been extended until June 23rd. 

Click here to apply and click here for a comprehensive checklist of documentation needed to complete the application. 

Congrats, 2021 House District 9 Graduates!

You did it! The accomplishment of earning your high school diploma or post secondary degree is one of which you should be immensely proud. I know how hard you must have worked!

Your hard work and perseverance will enable you to further your life on the academic foundation you have laid. I hope you will utilize what you have learned in your future career endeavors, whatever they may be. Congratulations!

Congrats, 2021 Graduates!

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