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Representative Bill Post

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program is open as of May 19th. OHCS is working with local organizations to provide more than $200 million in assistance to low-income Oregonians that have been financially impacted by COVID-19. OHCS created a partner toolkit to help communities promote this vital resource. This packet includes check lists for tenants and landlords, application information and documentation, frequently asked questions, and other helpful information related to the program. 


OHA Mask Guidance

OHA released updated guidance about mask and physical distancing requirements for individuals fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Under the updated guidance, people who are fully vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a mask indoors, in most public settings where vaccination status is checked. In public settings where vaccination status is not checked, masks will still be required. Finally, businesses and venue operators remain free to establish their own, more restrictive policies regarding mask usage. Learn more here.

Once again, the goal post of returning to "normal" continues to be moved. Not only do counties need to be at a 70% vaccination rate to open "more fully", but now businesses have to police customers vaccine information. I stand with Senator Fred Gird in his statement regarding the new OHA guidance. 


Revenue Forecast

Yesterday, the Office of Economic Analysis presented Oregon's Revenue Forecast which indicates that Oregon's economy is thriving due to the large infusion of federal cash. This will trigger one of the largest kicker refunds in the state history at $1.4 billion...enough to give every Oregonian $330. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Revenue bottom line: Significantly more resources are expected.
    • Total Personal Kicker: $1.407 billion
      • The Kicker is paid out as equal share of tax liability (13.6%).
    • Total Corporate Kicker: $664.2 million
      • Dedicated to K-12 education spending
    • Projected 2019-21 Net General Fund Resources are up $1.065 billion (4.4%) from the March 2021 forecast.
    • Projected 2019-21 Lottery resources are up $21.8 million (1.7%) from the March 2021 forecast.
    • Projected combined net General Fund and Lottery Resources are up $1.087 billion (4.2%) from the March 2021 forecast.
  • Unprecedented federal aid has boosted incomes higher today than before the pandemic
    • Income, excluding direct federal aid, is now back to pre-pandemic levels
  • Nationally, households have accumulated $2.3 trillion in excess savings as of March 2021
  • Pent-up demand will be unleashed as economy continues to reopen
  • Shift in spending back into in-person services will drive strong employment gains
  • Oregon’s labor market will return to full health during 2021-23
  • Expect a lot of growth in the next 6 months
  • Supply constraints have emerged as a limiting factor to growth
    • The labor market is very tight and workers remain difficult to find for the following reasons:
      • Strong household finances (recovery rebates + UI)
      • Pandemic fears (45,000 Oregonians not looking due to the virus)
      • Hard-hit industries all trying to rehire the same labor pool at the same time
      • Retirements
      • Lack of in-person schooling
  • Inflation is inevitable in the near term due to higher production costs and strong consumer demand.
    • Inflation disproportionately impacts lower income households.
  • No permanent economic damage is expected into the future associated with the pandemic.
  • There has been double digit growth in personal income tax withholdings.
  • The Lottery outlook is fully recovered with record setting video sales proving that consumers are not hesitant to spend money.

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