Flip Flops: Better as Footwear than Policy

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Flip Flops: Better as Footwear than Policy

If you haven’t heard yet, the county risk levels are flip flopping again. Both Linn and Marion counties have returned to “High” risk as of today (a downgrade from “Extreme”). These yo-yoing regulations compound the impact to our already struggling businesses, and really call into question the fact that there is still no oversight on the Governor’s emergency powers

Just last week, the Governor extended the emergency declaration for an additional 60 days. And again, the Legislature wasn’t included in the process—or any other decision made for addressing this pandemic. That is not proper balance of power between Oregon’s branches of government. 

As mentioned last week, there have been numerous bills introduced to put some reasonable limits on the Governor’s emergency powers by requiring Legislative input, restoring some checks and balances to Oregon’s government. This week, House Republicans have started “pulling” these bills to the floor to try and force their consideration. 

Committee Chairs have not allowed these discussions to happen, dooming these bills to die—usually without even receiving a committee hearing. To try and encourage movement, Republicans attempted to pull HB 2243 to the floor for a vote on Tuesday. Our attempt was voted down. On Wednesday, we tried again with HB 2713; and again, it was voted down. Thursday, we tried yet again with HB 3177, and surprise, it was voted down. 

Oregon has endured enough flip-flopping of policy, and our communities and businesses need to have input in making these decisions. It is (past) time for these conversations to be happening, and I encourage you to reach out to Legislators asking for committee hearings. 

Election Reminder Selfie

Special District elections are happening now! Remember to return your ballot by Mail 18th!

Oregon Gains 6th Congressional District

Last week it was officially announced that Oregon will be gaining a 6th Congressional District during this year's redistricting process. This news highlights the importance of equal representation on the House Redistricting Committee, which currently has three Republicans and three Democrats.

The first round of redistricting road shows wrapped up last month, but there will be more opportunities for public input before the final lines are drawn. You can visit the Legislative Redistricting website for more information.

Census CD Map

Landlord Compensation Fund: Round Two

This program covers 80% of past due rent (April 2020 – now) for tenants with a signed declaration of financial hardship if a landlord agrees to forgive the other 20%. The first round will cover rental debt for approximately 12,000 tenants and helped more than 1,900 landlords.

Round two is now open. Please note this program is not first-come, first serve, and applications will be open until May 17th. If you are interested in applying in the second round, please see this check list. Visit the Landlord Compensation Fund website for more information.

Landlord Compensation Fund Round 1 Map

The first round applications will provide financial relief to thousands of Oregonians, landlords and renters alike, across the state. The map below shows where assistance will be distributed.

Grants for Shuttered Venues

SBA Graphic

The SBA’s Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program includes over $16 billion in grants to shuttered venues, to be administered by SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance. Live venue operators and promoters, theatrical producers, museums, movie theaters, and more are the target for the program.

This program is now open for applications. Eligible applicants may qualify for grants equal to 45% of their gross earned revenue, with the maximum amount available for a single grant award of $10 million. $2 billion is reserved for eligible applications with up to 50 full-time employees.

Full program information and a link to the application is available on the SBA’s website HERE.

COVID Vaccine Information

For more information on getting vaccinated, please use the resources below.

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