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Capitol Update

Last week, I submitted an op-ed with a little insight regarding the tactics being used on the House Floor, and why we've been working over 50 hour weeks for the people of Oregon...


Here's the good news...leadership has come to an agreement! The minority party has agreed to suspend the reading of the bills in exchange for having equal representation on the House Committee on Redistricting...this is a BIG deal and extremely important for the future of Oregon. I am very grateful to leadership for being willing to have a bi-partisan spirit. Read more here

Bill's Bill Updates!

I'm very pleased to announce HB 2648 is in route to the House Floor for a vote!



HB 2650 passed unanimously on the House Floor and is now waiting to be referred to a Senate committee. 

This bill was brought to me by a constituent and I am very excited to see this bi-partisan concept move forward.

HB 2650 authorizes medical service providers to transport K9 police dogs that are injured in the line of duty. 


HB 2644 recognizes the troops who cleaned up radioactive islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Roughly 4,000 troops cleaned up Enewetak Atoll and are now plagued by health problems. Congress long ago recognized troops were harmed by radiation on the Enewetak during the original atomic tests which occurred in the 1950s and should be compensated. However, we have failed to do the same for the troops who cleaned up the toxic debris nearly 20 years later. HB 2644 honors this group through Oregon's Highway Memorial Sign Program. 


HB 2646 passed unanimously out of the House Committee on General Government with a do pass recommendation to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. 

The concept behind HB 2646 was brought to me by the kratom industry. This bill will regulate kratom to ensure the product is pure. The bill will also set an age limit to 21 to remain consistent with other Oregon laws.


With my colleague from Otis, Rep. David Gomberg, HB 2607 passed unanimously on the House Floor and is now awaiting to be referred to a Senate Committee. 

HB 2607 provides much needed assistance to help wildfire victims rebuild and address future tax implications by exempting homeowners from construction taxes during rebuilding after the wildfires.

***For a full list of my bills I introduced this session, click here***

As always, please feel free to contact my office with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support!



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