Fighting for the Coast: Shutter Creek Correctional Institution

Representative Boomer Wright

Together, Let's Fight to Save Shutter Creek

This newsletter is dedicated to Shutter Creek Correctional Institution (SCCI), a correctional facility that Governor Brown has unilaterally decided to shut down. I am deeply troubled by this action and wholeheartedly condemn making such a consequential decision without the consent of the people it will impact or even the lawmakers elected to represent their interests. 

If you, like me, feel that we have had enough of this lack of empathy and understanding from Governor Brown for the hardworking people of our coastal communities, please call her at (503) 378-4582 and tell her to save Shutter Creek!

Save Shutter Creek!

Photo courtesy of Amanda Slee and Staff

My Floor Speech on Shutter Creek

On Monday, I delivered a speech on the House Floor urging the Governor to reconsider her unilateral decision to shut down Shutter Creek. You can watch the video on Facebook by clicking on the photo, or read my full statement below.

Rep. Boomer Wright urges Gov. Brown to reconsider decision to close Shutter Creek

One of the statements I often said when I sought election last year was that the Oregon coast needs more people here to look out for their interests.

I stand here today to speak on a very critical issue that my community is well aware of, but many of you may not be. Yesterday I stood with people in my community who are crying out in protest as their interests are being thwarted. I wish that I could use my position to save what could be thousands of local jobs that are on the verge of being lost, but I can't. Not on my own. Not with an executive branch committed to overlooking the Oregon coast.

Madam Speaker, I rise today to use the one tool I have right now. The bully pulpit given to me by the voters on the Oregon Coast to decry the unilateral decisions coming from the governor's office that threaten to destroy the communities I love and represent.

Our governor is single-handedly reducing the harvest of our renewable natural resources, closing our small businesses while allowing large corporations to prosper, and destroying vital tourism jobs.

And now, on top of everything else, the proposed closure of Shutter Creek Correctional Institution by Governor Brown during an economic disaster and medical crisis threatens our way of life even further.

Families will be pulled apart as some employees are transferred to faraway facilities while their families must remain to try and sell their homes or remain separated indefinitely. The psychological disruption to children uprooted from their homes and schools in the midst of a COVID crisis and forced to relocate is cruel. The tragic loss of approximately $6,000,000 in revenue annually vital for the 1,500 people of Lakeside and the broader communities of Coos and Douglas Counties will further harm local businesses. Many are already on the verge of permanent closure due to orders from the Governor. 

The employees of Shutter Creek provide crucial services and programs that provide job skills and education to the inmates returning to society. Community enhancing services such as training for service dogs, firefighting support, and help for the aged and disabled with home repairs and maintenance will be torn away. At a time when we all need extra help and support, jobs and hope will be rudely and unnecessarily taken away.

I am appalled and furious at the lack of compassion and understanding.

Governor Brown, the Oregon coast is not just a big state park. We are a community where real, good people work and live. This decision threatens all of it. The men, women, and children of Shutter Creek and the surrounding communities deserve better.

Legislation Spotlight: House Bill 3378

Earlier this week, I introduced HB 3378 with some of my coastal colleagues. If signed into law, the bill would require the Oregon Department of Corrections to maintain the Shutter Creek facility and its budget at its current level.

HB 3378

The bill had its first reading on Tuesday, March 26th and is waiting to be referred to a committee. I am hopeful that this bill will spark more meaningful discussion in the Legislature and will make perfectly clear to Governor Brown that closing Shutter Creek would be devastating to our people and our coast. 

Residents Rally in Support of Shutter Creek

Rally to Save Shutter Creek

Photo courtesy of Amanda Slee and Staff

Over the weekend, I was able to stand with the men, women, and children who so passionately rallied in support of Shutter Creek on the Coos Bay Boardwalk. Clicking on either of the photos will direct you to an article from KCBY with an album of photos from the event. What a monumental thing to participate in!

Save Shutter Creek!

Photo courtesy of Amanda Slee and Staff

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