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Job Killers for Family Farms and Employees

HB 2358 and SB 616, or ‘Ag Overtime,’ would require family farms to pay overtime hours to farm employees after 40 hours/week. Not only is this an inappropriate time – when family farms are struggling under the weight of costly COVID regulations and a shortage of farm work – but it would severely upset the financial balance of any farm even without the hardships of this last year.

Because of their short harvest seasons and a constant battle with the weather, Oregon farmers would have to make significant concessions to pay overtime hours. Jobs and hours would be slashed, specialty crops abandoned for less labor-intensive produce, and some farms would even go out of business. The consequences of passing this bill far outweigh the benefits. If written into law, supporters of this bill would be left with a pyrrhic victory; some employees would get overtime compensation, but more would get unemployment checks. This is not what rural Oregon needs right now.

If passed, HB 2358 and SB 616 would do significant damage to our agriculture industry. We need your help in stopping these job killers. HB 2358 will have a public hearing in the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources next Tuesday, March 8th at 3:15pm.

Please find information on how to submit live and written testimony HERE. We need your voice.

Bad Bills Update

SB 554: Allows local jurisdictions to ban the right to concealed carry.

Despite overwhelming public testimony against this bill (a new session record), Senate Democrats flaunted their supermajority and passed SB 554 out of committee with a 4-3 party line vote. It will now move to the Senate Floor for a vote.

HB 2543: Prohibits transfer of firearm by gun dealer or private party if Department of State Police is unable to determine whether recipient is qualified to receive firearm.

There is little evidence that unreasonably delaying the acquisition of a firearm, by people legally allowed to buy guns, will improve public safety. HB 2543 is scheduled for another public hearing tomorrow, March 4th at 1pm in the House Committee on Judiciary. Click HERE to find information on how to testify.

HB 3296: Raises taxes on beer and wine 1700% and 2800% respectively.

Rep. David Brock Smith (Port Orford) said it best, “No industry has been hit harder by the pandemic than the restaurant and hospitality industry, and by extension the producers of adult beverages. In Washington, a bipartisan group of lawmakers had the common sense to provide some measure of relief to this industry. Unfortunately, here in Oregon, House Democrats have embraced the opposite approach to an extreme degree by proposing to increase taxes on beer by 2800% and wine by 1700%. At a time when so many of these businesses are struggling to keep their doors open or have closed permanently and hurt hardworking employees and their families, moving forward with a proposal like this makes no sense.”

HB 3296 was formally introduced in the Oregon House on February 23, 2021. The bill has not yet been scheduled for a public hearing.


Oregon is currently vaccinating seniors 65 years and older.

For those who wish to be vaccinated, you can find the sign-up tool HERE.

If you need assistance, please call 211 or 1-866-698-6155 (open 6am-7pm daily) and an operator will help you through this process. Wait times may be long due to high call volumes and you can choose the option for a call back instead of waiting on hold. You can also find a list of FAQs HERE.

Click HERE for a detailed report on COVID-19 cases in House District 55.


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