2021 Session Mar. 1 - Mar. 5

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Unfair and Unnecessary Tax Increases On Local Beer, Wine, and Cider Industry

Beer and Wine

This Legislative Session, the Democratic majority is attempting to jam through House Bill 3296, which “increases privilege taxes imposed upon manufacturer or importing distributor of malt beverages, wine or cider.” This kind of egregious taxation on the brewery and cider industry, which are very important in Central Oregon, particularly as we begin to recover from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a big mistake. Small businesspeople, the cornerstone of our community, have been greatly burdened by the cost of the economic shutdown, and the Legislative Assembly should not further burden them by creating yet another new tax. Instead, we should be giving them tax relief, so that they can thrive in the new year.

Standing For Our Right To Self Defense

Oregon Capitol

Another bill that the Democratic majority is trying to ram through this Legislative Assembly is Senate Bill 554, which would allow municipalities “to adopt ordinance or policy limiting or precluding affirmative defense for possession of firearms in public buildings by concealed handgun licensees.” Quite simply, I can’t support any legislation that would interfere with the constitutional right of my constituency to protect themselves, and that is precisely what SB 554 does. You can see a recent interview I did with KTVZ about this issue here. As with House Bill 3296, if you feel as strongly as about this legislation as I do, I encourage you to submit public testimony and make your voice heard.

Oregon's Revenue Forecast

I am pleased to note that the most recent revenue forecast was very positive. I have said before that there is a way for Oregon to safely reopen, and, as we approach the end of the pandemic, I am committed to working to ensure that Oregon’s economy will continue to grow stronger. If we don't act now, we may find Oregon's economy slipping away; and with it, our neighbors' livelihoods.

Education Reforms and School Choice


The Senate Republicans, including myself, have put forth several bills in order to spur desperately needed education reforms in Oregon. Too many families are feeling hopeless about schools being closed and the destructive impacts it has had on their kids’ futures. Our students are the next generation of leaders, innovators, business owners, and change-makers. We are doing them a disservice by not giving them real control over their education.

Bills in the education package include: 

SB 462 (Senator Girod) would establish a tax credit for college students trying to pay off their student loans.

SB 506 (Senator Thatcher) reforms archaic licensing regulations that make it more difficult for Oregonians to get into good-paying trade jobs without a high school diploma.

SB 445 (Senator Knopp) would establish a consistent and sufficient investment formula for public schools.

SB 504 (Senator Thatcher) gives tuition and fee relief to the natural children of foster parents for service to our foster system.

SB 513 (Senators Girod and Findley) would lay the groundwork for healthy democratic participation by requiring schools to proficiently teach civics.

SB 516 (Senators Girod, Findley, Knopp, and Thatcher) gives students and families control over their education by establishing a school voucher program.

SB  657 (Senator Linthicum)  increases the percentage of students who may enroll in virtual public schools.

SB 658 (Senator Linthicum) establishes an education savings account program to give families tools to invest in their children's futures.

SB 659 (Senator Linthicum) would codify the principle that a ZIP code should not determine a child's future by allowing them to attend any public school in the state.

SB 693 (Senator Thatcher), known as the Education Equity Emergency Act, would create the Oregon Empowerment Scholarship Program to give students financial assistance and choices in their education.

SB 788 (Senator Girod) establishes financial assistance for families who chose to home school.

Senator Chuck Thomsen (Hood River) has introduced the ‘Education Equity Act,’ which will give low-income and middle-class families financial aid in paying for summer tutoring to make up for lost learning due to ongoing school closures.

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Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

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