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Sports in Oregon


In case you missed it, Governor Brown announced yesterday outdoor contact sports will be permitted to resume with health and safety protocols in place based on county risk level. Read more here. Listed above is a statement from Governor Brown...needless to say I find it to be a little drastic to put this type of pressure on our kids. 

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OHA Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

latest news
  • As of early this week, Oregon has had 146,741 cases and 2,019 deaths – both rank Oregon as the 4th lowest in the country.
  • According to new COVID-19 modeling, the COVID-19 reproductive rate is between 0.65 and 0.98, with a best estimate of 0.81.
  • COVID-19 is particularly impacting Pacific Islanders and Hispanic populations.
  • Oregon is ranked 16th in the nation for population vaccination, with 9.5% of the population being vaccinated.
  • Oregon is ranked 23rd in the nation for percentage of doses administered and has administered 72% of the total vaccinations received.
  • Oregon is averaging 17,360 doses administered per day.
  • 412,650 people have received as lease their first vaccination.
  • Disparities among vaccine distribution are similar to the racial/ethnic disparities seen in COVID-19 cases. This is because teachers and other groups currently eligible to receive the vaccine skew white.
  • Available first doses will increase to approximately 70,000 per week starting the week of Feb. 21st, but this is still a low number.
  • This week allocations opened up to seniors aged 80 and older, adults in custody, tribal populations, educators/early learning, and follow-up on the 1A populations.
  • For future weeks’ allocations, OHA is trying to move towards a predictable allocation based on county senior populations.
  • Federal pharmacy program has begun and is in 130 pharmacies.

Promises Made, Promises Kept

In 2019, Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany) and I were able to pass HB 3213, creating a county safety corridor program. I was concerned that Marion County be on the top of the list for consideration of this program, especially on HWY 219 which has been called "death road." This week, the first phase of that project went up as you keep see in the pictures listed below. There is much more work to be done to make the roads of North Marion County a safer area, but progress is being made. Thank you ODOT! 



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