Legislative Update for District 15: February 5, 2020

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Friends and Neighbors,

Hello from Salem! I am still in awe that I serve the people in HD15, and so honored to have this great responsibility. I so wish this Capitol was safely and responsibly open to the public. I miss meeting with people, and I especially miss welcoming school kids and showing them around their Capitol. Because the Capitol is currently closed, this means that transparency and communication are that much more important. Please follow my Facebook page for the most up to date information. I am also starting weekly newsletters. More than anything, I want you to know how you can still be involved in the process. I am constantly aware that what happens in this building affects you, your future, your family and your livelihood. Please contact my office with any questions or concerns.

Your House District 15 Representative, 



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In my second term as a state representative, I have been appointed to four committees. The newest assignment is my role as Vice-Chair in the House Special Committee on Redistricting. I was also re-appointed to the House Committee on Business and Labor, Joint Committee on Transportation, and Joint Committee on The Interstate 5 Bridge for the 2021 Regular Session. 


SBD in Committee

REDISTRICTING: All For One, Oregon



Redrawing our state’s political boundaries is one of the most important duties the Legislature has.

Stay tuned to the updates and e-subscribe for House Redistricting Committee here.

In addition, the Albany Democrat Herald had a great article explaining the current situation we find ourselves in regarding the late census data arrival. Read full article here.

This week, the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the House Redistricting Committee wrote a letter to the Presiding Officers, asking to look into legal options so that the Legislature can continue this important and constitutionally required work.


Redistricting Letter _Legislators

RETURN TO PLAY: Critical for Oregon's Youth

Return to Play


To the 5,012 parents, coaches and players who signed the Oregon “Return to Play” Campaign - and specifically the 175 from my District including my daughter who I saw on the list! - I hear you and I echo your concerns. Thank you for the letter, and the information. I will be writing to the Governor today to add my office to the list of elected officials with massive concerns about the overall well-being of our children. 

"With forty-five states having some type of fall activities, including thirty-five allowing contact football, it has been shown that with proper safety guidelines and protocols implemented high school activities can occur in a safe and productive manner."

02/04/2021: Update to youth sports - this is what I know. Governor Brown and her staff reached out to me in response to my letter to her, which in essence was forwarding over 5000 signatures and a letter asking for the state to follow the science, the data, and make decisions with youth sports organizations as deadlines loom.

Specifically, with the OSAA Football Season scheduled to start this coming Monday, Feb. 8th, they have been given till Sunday to have the Governor lift her no contact sports guidelines. If not, they most likely will not have a contact football season this school year. There is hope that there will be a favorable decision tomorrow by the Governor. On Tuesday, the Governor's office said they are in touch with OSAA and asked them to check in with OACA. There should be a clearer communication tool on what sports can play and are working to get on the same page.

The letter below was addressed to Governor Brown yesterday and does an excellent job of summarizing the feelings and frustrations of so many of our state's educators. Specifically, the last paragraph spoke to me:

A 1990s Nike advertisement supporting women in sports stated: “If you let me play, if you let me play sports I will be 60 percent less likely to get breast cancer … will suffer less depression … will be more likely to leave a man who beats me … less likely to get pregnant … I will learn what it means to be strong. If you let me play … play sports. If you let me play sports.” While this was aimed at supporting women, it is obvious there are significant mental health advantages to participate in sports for both genders. Absent of any science indicating why we shouldn’t go forward with our sports programs, Let us Play.


Letter from Steve Wallo
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VACCINE UPDATE: Oregon Older Adult's Eligibility and Timeline




Current Timeline and Stats:

  • Early April - Vaccinate 3/4 currently eligible population, including seniors
  • Move on to other 1b groups by early April- one month earlier than projected
  • Assumption made based on latest allocation expected vaccines
  • Currently 550,000 eligible Oregonians
    • 400,000 in Group 1a (Health care, first responders, long-term care and develop disabilities)
    • 150,000 educators 

Starting next week: 

  • Open to first group of senior 80+
  • 5,000 to prisoners and county jails
  • 1.3 million Oregonians eligible next week

Currently have vaccinated 100,000 aged 60+, including 28,000 aged 80+.

Expecting 11,600 additional doses per week from Biden

Additionally expecting through Federal Retail Pharmacy Program: 12,000 per week distributed to 133 retail pharmacies across Oregon

Total Weekly Allocation: 52,000 doses (current) to 75,000 doses per week

By April, expect 1.2M Oregonians with first doses (Does not account for new authorizations of vaccines, including Johnson and Johnson)

Next week we will see some chaos and frustration, gap between eligible population and available doses will be wide.

Currently, Oregonians vaccinated are more than double those infected with virus

How can seniors get vaccinated?

  • When?
    • 80+ (Feb. 8)
    • 75+ (Feb. 15)
    • 70+ (Feb. 22)
    • 65+ (Mar. 1)
  • Where?
    • Public vaccination clinics
    • Local public health & tribes
    • Long-term care facilities
    • Participating retail pharmacies (133)
  • How?


For more information and all other COVID updates CLICK HERE.



Linn County Map


From Linn County Health Services:

Linn County Health Department will be conducting a mass vaccine clinic at the Linn County Fair & Expo Center this coming Wednesday February 9th from 9am-5pm. Appointments are required. This clinic is for individuals over 80 years old and those who are already eligible: All of Phase 1a, and 1b Group 1: school and early learning educators and personnel. Information will be posted on the Linn County Health Department website, found here: https://www.linncountyhealth.org/ph/page/covid-19-vaccines-information, including the scheduling link, which will open Saturday February 6th at 9am

Beginning the week of February 8th in alignment with the Oregon Health Authority’s vaccine phases, people 80 and older will be eligible for vaccination. Vaccines are currently limited. Linn County Health Department was allotted 1200 doses for this coming week from the Oregon Health Authority. We continue to update the website with the latest information.

We understand that not all individuals eligible for vaccines have internet access. If you have a friend or loved one who does not have internet access, or has difficulty navigating the internet, we encourage you to please help by assisting them in scheduling online. We are also working with community partner organizations to assist with scheduling. It is very important to make sure both doses are booked at the same time.  Any family member, friend or other trusted person may schedule an appointment for the individual. Appointments require a full name, email address and phone number.  The email confirmation will contain the link to book the second appointment, important appointment information such as instructions on preparing for the visit and directions for arriving at the Linn County Fair & Expo Center. 

For additional Linn County information, click here.



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How to follow bills


See a bill you don’t like? One that infringes on your rights? Perhaps one that will change your livelihood?

If you want to be aware of what happens with a bill, ready to testify or submit testimony, you can sign up with an email and be notified any time something changes with a bill - each bill on OLIS has this option.

On a bill link, you can email the committee, you can sign up to get email notifications every time something happens to a bill, be alerted if a bill has a public hearing, and you have access to each legislator’s email including all of them on the committee.

How to Testify

How to Submit Testimony


DMV: Real ID Update

Real ID


Starting Oct. 1, 2021, the federal government will require Real ID compliant identification to board a domestic commercial flight or enter a secure federal building or military base, so you will not be able to use a standard Oregon Driver License or ID Card for these purposes. However, you may use a passport or other acceptable form of federal identification. See the TSA website​ for other forms of identification that will be accepted.

Click here for more information on Real ID


DISTRICT 15: Doing Great Things!

HD15 PPE Delivery


Oregon residents are facing unprecedented hardships and dealing with them all at the same time. From the COVID-19 pandemic to wildfires that devastated livelihoods and neighborhoods, our role is to focus on how we can bring relief and assistance to those we serve,” Boshart Davis said.

Boshart Davis said the way Linn County came together — from government officials to private business owners and residents — to staff and provide needed supplies for the evacuation shelter was "heartwarming.”’

“I am really proud to live in Linn County, and I’m proud of the people who work for our county and who believe in caring for our neighbors,” Boshart Davis said.

Read Full Article

Do you have a story from District 15 that you want to share? Please email: renee.perry@oregonlegislature.gov


GAPS UPDATE: Reopening Schools Info



Click here for the latest updates for Greater Albany Public Schools


My office is here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office if you have any community event announcements, legislative questions, or concerns.

Not sure what this Regular Session will look like or where it will take us. I do know I am honored to be here representing the people of District 15.

Stay tuned and stay involved!

Talk soon,


Capitol Phone: 503-986-1415
Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, H-389, Salem, OR 97301
Email: Rep.ShellyBoshartDavis@oregonlegislature.gov
Website: http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/boshartdavis

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