COVID-19 Updates 10/6/2020

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Oregon Health Authority Updates

New Modeling Reports

From the Oregon Health Authority

Modeling Reports

Recently, we released our latest modeling report:

The model offers three scenarios, assuming 4,500 tests per day for each.

  • The optimistic scenario assumes a 5-percentage-point increase on Sept. 5, but attributes increases in diagnosed cases after Sept. 15 to a decline in testing. Under this scenario by Oct. 22, new infections would increase from 680 to 800, resulting in about 270 daily cases. Severe cases – those requiring hospitalization – would increase to 24, and a reproduction rate would be 1.04, meaning that someone with the virus is passing it to more than one person.
  • The pessimistic scenario assumes a 10-percentage-point increase in transmission after Sept. 5 and attributes some of higher cases to be the result of increased transmission rather than a lack of testing. Under this scenario, by Oct. 22, there would be approximately 900 new infections and about 300 new daily cases, with eight more severe cases and a reproduction rate of 1.17.
  • The moderate scenario assumes a 7-percentage-point increase from Sept. 5, attributing fewer of the increased diagnosed cases to increased transmission. Under this scenario, by Oct. 22, new daily cases would increase by 120, with one additional severe case and a reproduction rate of 1.12.

Based on COVID-19 data through Sept. 24 the model is consistent with increases in transmission throughout May, followed by decreases in transmission through late July and declining cases in August. As has been shown since the beginning of the pandemic in Oregon, these trends remain very sensitive to small changes in transmission levels. Model results should be interpreted with caution, given these recent reductions in testing and uncertainty behind various COVID-19 model assumptions.

U-Pick Pumpkin Patches and COVID-19

From the Oregon Health Authority

People in Oregon are creative, they care about their community and they know it’s important to celebrate safely.

This year, it’s more important than ever to put safety first because COVID-19 cases have risen recently and holiday gatherings on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day led to increased case counts.

So, this fall, be extra mindful of your choices. Choosing low risk activities can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 illness, decrease the impact on Oregon’s health care system and save lives.

Outdoor Activities

Unemployment Insurance Updates

LWA Payment Updates

From the Oregon Employment Department

LWA payments

UPDATE 10/2: We're still working on the issues and will resume issuing payments as soon as possible. Continue to look for updates via our social media channels.

UPDATE: We have identified a few issues with LWA which are resulting in missing payments for some people. We are working on those issues and will resume making payments as soon as we can. REMINDER: If you still haven't certified for LWA do so today!

If you’re missing LWA payments or received duplicate payments, send us a message through our Contact Us form ( so we can address the issue. IMPORTANT: Select the "missing payment" or "PUA" option, and be sure to mention LWA and your specific issue in the issue description box.

Unemployment Insurance Extension Information

From the Oregon Employment Department

Having trouble figuring out which Unemployment Insurance extension to apply for? Use this benefits flowchart to find out which program is next for you. For more information about each program visit

UI Extension

Get Involved

HillsDOer Day 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, HillsDOer Day looks a little different this year and the City of Hillsboro is celebrating HillsDOer Month all throughout the month of October.

I have been participating in this event for several years and encourage you all to join me in giving back to our great community. Visit their website here for a full list of volunteer events you can sign up for.

From the City of Hillsboro:

2020 HillsDOer Month

We are very excited to bring HillsDOer Day back in 2020- in fact, we’ve decided to extend the spirit of volunteerism by changing HillsDOer Day to HillsDOer Month and honoring service throughout the month of October. Check back frequently to find out ways you and your family can support the Hillsboro community through volunteering.

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