Governor Brown and Mayor Wheeler’s Response to the Political Killing in Portland is Shameful and Adds Further Fuel to a Powder Keg They Are Responsible For Creating

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Representative David Brock Smith
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Contact: Shelia Megson
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Monday, August 31st, 2020

Governor Brown and Mayor Wheeler’s Response to the Political Killing in Portland is Shameful and Adds Further Fuel to a Powder Keg They Are Responsible For Creating


SALEM, ORE. – During another night of rioting in Portland on Saturday, a young conservative Oregonian was politically executed while walking down a Portland street just before 9:00 pm. OregonLive and other news outlets report the PPB has the name of the possible suspect, that he is a self-described supporter of Antifa and in early July was cited for crimes related to a firearm, resisting arrest and interfering with police, but the allegations were dropped by the DA on July 30 with a “no complaint,” according to court records. Governor Brown and Mayor Wheeler; while taking no responsibility, quickly put together pressers blaming the President for this heinous act of violence. This, after three months of their daily sanctioned rioting in Portland, that include arson, attempts to murder public safety officers, destruction of public and private property and the Multnomah County DA’s decision to not prosecute the ‘rioters’ crimes.

“My sincere condolences to the family of the young man who lost his life Saturday evening in Portland.” said Rep. David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) “This senseless violent act should and could have been avoided.”

“I am appalled by the lack of leadership and inflammatory statements from Democrat Governor Brown, Mayor Wheeler as well as the epic silence from the Democrat Supermajority of Oregon,” said Rep. Brock Smith. “Months ago, they said the rioting violence in Portland was the Presidents fault, federal officers left and the violence has only escalated. Now this politically motivated killing has been blamed on the President, with no remorse or accountability from these elected leaders,” he said.

“As for the Governor’s new ‘Unified Law Enforcement Plan to Protect Free Speech, Bring Violence to an End in Portland,’ it’s about damn time she allowed law enforcement to do their jobs!” said Rep. Brock Smith. “If the DA would have been jailing rioters and prosecuting crimes, we wouldn’t be here today.”

“As a former County Commissioner and City Council President, I hope both Washington and Clackamas Counties and the City of Gresham are fully financially compensated for the use of their law enforcement agencies to help PPB end the violent lawlessness that Governor Brown and Mayor Wheeler have perpetuated,” he said.

“Finally, and in the face of a letter from Mayor Wheeler Friday to the President telling him he doesn’t need or want his help, I’m glad to read that Governor Brown is seeking Federal Law Enforcement assistance to end the violence through the help of the United States Attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Let’s hope this does not bring about the Governor and Mayor Wheeler’s ‘storm trooper’ rhetoric again,” he said.

“To my fellow Oregonians; in the absence of leadership, we must lead,” said Rep. Brock Smith. “We must not give into the hate being perpetuated by Governor Brown, Mayor Wheeler and the Democrat Supermajority. We must all truly come together, regardless of political ideology, and peaceably discuss our differing points of view while embracing a foundation upon humanity, equality and the issues we agree on,” he said.

“Violence begets violence and we must not allow the Democrat Leaders of this state; with their political discrimination and hate, to entice anyone to escalate any violent acts. We must continue to be the leaders that Oregonians desire and deserve. We must continue to denounce the hate, the violence, while continuing to promote peaceful speech and dialogue. We must continue to embrace the Oregon Way that has been lost by the Governor, Mayor Wheeler and the Democrat Supermajority. Any escalation to the contrary will only add merit to their hypocritical and shameless narrative,” said Rep. Brock Smith.


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