Southern Oregon Legislators Again Call on their Colleagues to Condemn the Growing Violence within their Region

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Representative David Brock Smith
portland man kicked in heat riot

A good samaritan brutally attacked in Portland earlier this week.

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State Representative David Brock Smith HD01


State Senator Dallas Heard SD01

Thursday, August 20, 2020  

Southern Oregon Legislators Again Call on their Colleagues to Condemn the Growing Violence within their Region

Salem, ORE.- Today, State Representative David Brock Smith and State Senator Dallas Heard; the members of Oregon’s Southwest House and Senate District 01, again condemn the growing hate, violence, arson and brutal assault on the public, police and property in Portland and continue to call on the Governor and their legislative Portland colleagues to join them in condemning these deliberate acts.

“As we pass the 84th day of protests; to which I support the rights to do so, the violence touted by the Governor and Supermajority as caused by Federal Officers defending the Federal Courthouse, continues to grow exponentially in the absence of those Federal Officers”, said Rep. Brock Smith (R-Port Orford). “I support the OSP Superintendents decision to pull his Troopers from Portland; in the face of the Multnomah County DA’s decision to not prosecute the ‘rioters’ crimes, so that our OSP Troopers can resume their duties in other areas of the State where they are respected and their public service is appreciated,” he said.

“As the rampant violence, brutal assaults, destruction of property and lawlessness from rioters continues to spread throughout Portland and into residential areas, we call again on Governor Brown and our colleagues to condemn these horrific lawless acts towards the public. Their lack of this condemnation is viewed as condoning the rioters lawless acts,” said Rep. Brock Smith. “As residents of Portland visit my district or residents of my district visit that of my legislative colleagues in Portland, every Oregonian deserves the right to have their protection of health, life and safety wherever they may be in this Great State,” he said. “That is a main purpose of these protests and it is being lost by the acts of violence that continue to escalate and proliferate throughout Portland in the absence of their representative leaders condemnation of it.”


“It’s unimaginable to me that Democrat leaders across the highest levels of government would continue to stay silent, despite the destruction and hate that has befallen their city and is now spreading from Portland to other parts of our state.” Said Senator Dallas Heard (R-Roseburg). “I have stated it previously, but it needs to be said again and again that I fully support all peoples right to assemble and protest. But this isn’t just protesting. Kate Brown and Portland Legislators have stood idly by and watched as rioters pillage the streets of Portland, all the while actively punishing the smallest of the small business owners and communities of faith across the state for simply trying to stay afloat and provide hope during this pandemic.”

“Small mom and pop working class shops are closing their doors for good under the crushing restrictions and penalties put in place by Kate Brown and her elected House and Senate Democrats. Oregonians of all races and backgrounds who for so long formed the pillars of our communities are disappearing, and instead of standing up for and fighting for those peaceful communities their fates are left up to the will of the mob.”

“Make no mistake, there is no room for hate, bigotry, and violence from the extreme right or left of the political spectrum. We the Republican legislators from Southwest Oregon stand against and condemn any form of violence and hate against ANYONE! The elected Democrats running the entire state of Oregon expose their hypocrisy with every passing day that they don’t push back against this hate and intimidation.” added Senator Heard.


With escalating attacks spreading across Portland, we again call on our colleagues to join us in advocating to end the violence that continues to threaten the health, lives and safety of our Oregon Peace Officers, residents, their business and families across our state.


Below are links to the recent violence that plagues the City of Portland and its’ residents. Warning, as some of the videos have graphic violence.

First video, attacks on innocent residents walking down the street.

Second video: robbed a woman that was skateboarding and then assaulted her. A passerby then stops to help her as she is pleading for her safety.

Third video: The good samaritan and his companion begin to be assaulted, He attempts to drive away, obviously afraid for their lives and in his haste to get around other traffic while being chased by rioters, he crashes.

Fourth Video: The rioters catch up with the good samaritan, he is asking for help as his female companion is still in the truck.  The rioters drag him into the street and make him sit in the road.  They get the keys to his truck and begin to start getting the passenger out of the truck.

Fifth Video:  WARNING- HORRIFIC CONTENT The rioters have beat the good samaritan sitting in the road, then a rioter kicks him in the back of the head knocking him unconscious – leaving him bleeding in the road.

Sixth Video:  WARNING - HORRIFIC CONTENT Some come to the good samaritans aid and call 911

Last video: Fire set inside Multnomah Building



Representative David Brock Smith

House District 1
Curry, Coos, Douglas and Josephine Counties
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