The Sequel Has Been Released

Representative Raquel Moore-Green

August 7, 2020

Hello -

As the subject eludes the 2nd 2020 Special Session has been called by the Governor and will commence Monday, August 10 at 8 AM. The stated reason for calling us in for a special session is “to rebalance the state budget by addressing the state revenue shortfall created by the COVID-19 pandemic.” For those of you who know me I am one who truly looks for the good in all things, and the ONE good I find in this chapter of 2020 Special Sessions is balancing the budget due to the shutdown of our economy. A very necessary task, that will impact each and every Oregonian, either directly or indirectly. None of us can avoid the fallout of record high unemployment, the continuing restrictions on businesses, regulations throughout all industries that hamper a fuller return of jobs and consumer confidence as well as a lack of clear and safe guidelines for schools and businesses that will allow them to safely work towards recovery.

The Governor additionally noted her support for urgent legislation that builds on matters considered in the first special session, including additional police accountability reforms. While this is an extremely important and worthy aspiration, the intent coming out of the 1st special session was for this newly formed Joint Committee On Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform to work with all stakeholders across the state to develop a complete package of legislation for the 2021 regular session. (It should be noted that I voted yes on all 6 pieces of legislation addressing police accountability in June.)

There was an additional work group, the House Liability Work Group, formed out the 1st special session as well. Their charge was to develop legislation for consideration at the 2nd special session that would address the urgent need for limited liability for schools, non-profits, and businesses.

My preference for this special session is budget only. However, there are two issues that rise to the top of the list if policy issues are discussed. Limited liability and election security.

  • Limited liability was part of the initial work of the Joint Special Committee on Coronavirus Response. No protection from being sued because someone could have contracted COVID-19 at your place of business or school, even if you have clearly documented all your procedures in accordance with the guidelines. It will only take one or two cases to create further doubt for businesses to remain open and for schools to reopen to in-person learning under guidance from the Governor if limited liability is not addressed.
  • The second issue would be election security and deadlines to ensure Oregonians feel confident in our voting system. Senator Knopp is working on a bill, that in part, will allow all ballots that are postmarked the Saturday before an election to be counted. This all arises from the current upheaval with the postal system.


The hospitalization rate for those with severe cases of COVID-19, as well as the number of COVID-19 patients on ventilators are, to me, the metrics that are of greatest interest. We know with more testing, we will have more cases, and the relative increase in hospitalizations seem to be a very telling statistic. Governor Brown created a county watchlist for counties experiencing rises in cases. Marion County was placed on this list recently. Click here for the current interactive county dashboard that the OHA has on its website. 


Nearly 3 weeks to the day the E-Board once again met and voted to disperse over 205 million dollars in relief funds t Oregonians. The Emergency Board met again on August 5th at 3pm. Here is the link to the current agenda:

There were 6 Items on the agenda 5 were transferring money from DAS to agencies directly and the 6th item was an adjustment to the Statewide Cultural Support Program.

Healthy Schools Reopening Council    

This council continues to meet on a bi-weekly basis. On Monday we explored how best to have the intersection of academic conditions, operational conditions, and student and family support come together. The obvious answer is to allow schools to open according to the decision of the local communities and their school boards. The state has laid clear the guidelines for reopening, the health metrics for reopening are extremely challenging. This of course could be adjusted if the Governor so chose to do so. Most of us agree that in-person learning is the BEST for ALL students and those within our vulnerable communities of color and poverty will have the MOST to lose if we cannot find common ground on which to move forward.


The Governor’s office welcomes your thoughts and comments. She can be reached at: 503-378-4582 or at Also, if you have not responded to the ODE survey you may still participate. Here is the link:


On Monday the 17th from 5:30-6:30 PM at the Aumsville Skate Park, and again on Wednesday the 19th from 5:30-6:30 PM in Burkland Park in Turner Senator Denyc Boles and I will be available to hear from you. If time allows we will share the outcome of the just completed 2nd 2020 Special Session of the legislature.

In the interim if we can be of help to you as you navigate your state government please call or email. My door is always open and my staff, Pam McClain, Lena Prine, and I welcome your participation. As your state representative, I am here to listen, respond, and lead.


Raquel Moore-Green
Representative House District 19 for Turner, Aumsville & South Salem

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