Reminder: Oregon After The Coronavirus Pandemic: A "Fireside Chat" with Sen. Arnie Roblan and Ray Bucheger on KXCR  90.7 FM 

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Oregon After The Coronavirus Pandemic:  "Fireside Chat" with Sen. Arnie Roblan & Ray Bucheger 

Remember the “Great Recession” as the newly elected President Obama termed the economic morass he inherited? Congress jumped in to pump up the economy with what we all thought was a massive cash infusion - $800 billion. The most money the Federal government had ever spent so fast.

But that was NOTHING compared to what’s going on now. Already Congress (with bipartisan support) and the President have passed and signed off on four COVID-19 pandemic economic rescue bills - 4 times the “Great Recession’s” $800 billion - $3 to $4 trillion. While the initial 4 COVID stimulus bills had bipartisan support, Senate Republicans are having a hard time swallowing the idea of another $3 trillion.

Join KXCR  90.7 FM, Florence Radio, on Tuesday, June 2nd, at 5:00 p.m. as we chat with State Sen. Arnie Roblan (SD 5) and Ray Bucheger, Partner with FBB Federal Relations about the economic impact of COVID-19,  where the media leaves the wrong impression about the COVID-19 Stimulus packages, and how the spending will impact our lives for years to come. Additional topics will include:

  • State Unemployment Benefits
  • Upcoming committee meetings and possible short session
  • Funding for ports as part of the next COVID-19 legislative package
  • House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Hearing
  • Highlights of the needs of Oregon ports 
  • Status of COVID  of the $3 trillion HEROES Act on May 15th 

What: KXCR 90.7 FM  "Fireside Chat" with Senator Roblan and Ray Bucheger

When: Tuesday, June 2nd

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Join us live on Twitter and Instagram or tune into on KXCR ttps:// or Facebook

We look forward to hearing from you so that we can draw on your knowledge and recommendations on ways we can bridge the gap to ensure we emerge successfully in a post-pandemic Oregon. If you would like to  suggest a topic for our next show or have a comment on the topics, please get in touch with us on Twitterand Instagram or tune into on or Facebook


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