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Representative Christine Drazan

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

My heart is heavy for our state and nation as we face our failings and learn to listen, forgive and change for the better. It takes courage to be willing to stand up, speak truth and share each other's burdens. I ran for office to shoulder the burdens of my neighbors and community. I see this same spirit across our nation, reaching out to hold each other up. It is a privilege to do this work in this time of change, in a moment where we have renewed commitment to achieve greater equality for all.

Health Insurance Grace Periods

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services has extended its emergency orders for health insurance companies. The orders mean that the most common insurance policies, such as auto, home, term and whole life, and long-term care have specific minimum grace periods to pay premiums and protect consumers.

The orders requires health insurance companies to do the following for their customers during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Provide at least a 60-day grace period to pay any past-due premiums
  • Pay claims for any covered services during the first 30 days of the grace period
  • Extend all deadlines for reporting claims and other communications, and provide members with communication options that meet physical distancing standards

The order is in effect through July 3rd and will be extended in 30-day increments during the course of the COVID-19 outbreak. More information on their consumer page here.




Congratulations to all the 2020 graduates! Whether you are completing high school, college or a trade school, it is graduation season and you all deserve to be celebrated for your accomplishments.

Below are high school graduation dates within House District 39. You can also click the dates next to your school for more information:

Canby High School – virtual ceremony June 5th 

Estacada High Schoolin-person and virtual ceremony on June 6th 

Molalla High School - vehicle parade on June 6th

Sam Barlow High School - June 4 drive-through graduation

Oregon City High School - June 7th drive-through ceremony 

Clackamas High School - virtual ceremony on June 27th

Resources for Prescriptions and Medical Supplies



The Medical Assistance Tool can match you with resources and cost-sharing programs that may help lower your out-of-pocket costs, whether or not you have insurance.  

HealthcareReady is a non-profit that helps companies, government agencies, and other organizations quickly and effectively address healthcare supply chain concerns before, during and after disasters.  They have some tools that may be helpful for patients, including:

  • An e-mail portal for donation requests, including requests for PPE and medical supplies
  • COVID-19 resource hub including
    • State-specific insurance emergency orders on Rx refills
    • Telehealth coverage policies for COVID-19
    • Medicine Assistance Tool (created by PhRMA)
    • Pandemic business continuity resources

RX OPEN: Provides access to open and closed pharmacies in a disaster-stricken area. 

RX ON THE RUN: Personalized wallet card to document prescriptions and other important medical information. 


DMV Updates

As many of you are aware, Oregon's DMVs have been closed since the start of COVID. I am happy to inform you that they are now reopened! (By appointment only.) 

Upon reopening, the DMV's phone system was immediately overwhelmed. As a result, in-person appointment requests will be processed through an online form. The system is available 24/7, so feel free to go online at any time to request a call-back to schedule an appointment. For scheduling appointments or finding out how to conduct your DMV-related business, visit:

Please see the points and frequently asked questions below for more information related to the DMV reopening:

  • 40 (of 60 total) DMV offices are open across the state by appointment only
  • Until further notice, DMV offices will only process certain priority transactions:
    • Commercial Driver License issuance, renewal, and replacement
    • Farm endorsements
    • Standard/Class C Driver License issuance, renewal, and replacement (beginning July 6 replacements will be available online and will no longer be done in-person)
    • ID card issuance, renewal, and replacement (beginning July 6 replacements will be available online and will no longer be done in-person)
    • Driver license reinstatements
  • Transactions that can be done online will NOT be processed in-person – see the website for all of the things that can be done online
  • DMV will NOT conduct driving tests (skills tests) for new drivers

For all offices restoring in-person service, we are taking steps to ensure health and sanitation for customers and our employees:

  • Reduced maximum occupancy for each office
  • Plexiglass shields at each counter/desk
  • “in” and “out” doors to encourage one-way flow, where possible
  • Markings and other indicators to ensure social distancing in the lobby
  • Hand sanitizer available; increased sanitation/cleaning protocols for all offices
  • DMV employees will wear facial coverings; DMV customers will be encouraged to wear facial coverings

Additionally, sharing here a couple Frequently Asked Questions as they may be helpful as you receive questions over the coming weeks and months:

Q: DMV requires a vision test to renew my license, can I take care of that while DMV offices do not offer that service?

Yes. Vision tests can be conducted by an eye doctor if they complete this form. When DMV offices re-open, bring the signed form with you to complete your driver license renewal. Otherwise, you’ll need to pass a vision test during your next DMV office visit.

Q: What if my employer, or other entity, won’t accept my expired driver license and I need to apply for a job, public benefits, travel, etc.?

Generally, the decision to accept an expired driver license or ID card is made by each business or government agency. For example, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) decided for security screening purposes at airports to accept driver licenses expired after March 1, 2020 and cannot be renewed by state DMVs. Check to see if that entity has made accommodation to allow expired ID.

Public Utility Commission Telecommunications Survey

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) has launched a survey to learn what Oregon residents think of their available telecommunications services. Residential telephone and cellular service customers are encouraged to take this survey to provide input about the quality of service received and whether there is access to appropriate telecommunications services for individuals and communities to thrive.

To take the survey, visit:

The survey is intended to provide a voice to Oregon residents using telephone and cell services. The results will help inform a report that is due to the Oregon State Legislature as part of our investigation required by House Bill 3065, which passed in the 2019 Legislative session. This bill directed the PUC to establish a public process to investigate the continuing relevance of the “carrier of last resort” or COLR obligation on the state’s telecommunications providers given the recent changes in technology and policy in the industry. The COLR obligation requires telephone companies to provide access to telephone service in their designated service territory without discrimination.

For additional information on the COLR investigation, visit:

Secretary Clarno Calls for Improvements to Child Care Safety

On June 3rd, the Secretary of State's office released an audit that gives cause for concern over the state's sex offender registry, including "alarming delays in listing offenders in the public registry website," according to the secretary's press release. Read the full release below.


Approaching Phase 2

As you know, Clackamas County moved in to Phase 1 on May 23rd. The reopening process will continue to be a regional approach. Between today and June 8th we will see 29 Oregon counties move into Phase 2. You can find a county-by-county breakdown of reopening status, here.

Phase 2 approval is dependent on how successful counties are in controlling the spread of the virus. The required metrics for leaving Phase 1 include:

  • Declining disease prevalence
  • Having an adequate number of contact tracers, including people reflective of the communities they serve
  • Establishing adequate testing, isolation and quarantine facilities, sufficient hospital surge capacity, and sufficient personal protective equipment supply

Counties must also meet additional prerequisites, including:

  • Demonstrating that they are able to trace new cases within 24 hours
  • As counties see new cases, they must be able to identify where they are coming from at least 70% of the time
  • Counties cannot be experiencing a significant increase in cases

Here is the link to the Oregon Health Authority’s Phase 2 guidelines. To see sector-specific guidelines, scroll down to "Governor's Orders and OHA Guidance" and select "OHA Guidance and Signage."

In essence, Phase 2 changes will include the following:

  • Extended hours for bars and restaurants to midnight
  • Remote work requirement changed to a strong recommendation
  • Bowling alleys and arcades will be able to open, some recreational sports may also resume
  • Pools may open under physical distancing and sanitation requirements
  • Movie theaters will be able to operate again
  • Zoos, museums, and outdoor gardens may reopen, in accordance with specific guidelines
  • College Athletes may return to train as early as mid-June under certain protocols.
  • Civic/Religious groups will be able to gather in larger groups.
  • Gathering sizes could increase to as much as 50 for indoor gatherings and 100 for outdoor gatherings except for other occasions specifically called out who will be able to have gatherings with as many as 250 people based on available square footage.

Introducing: Transparency Thursday

House Republicans recognize that in light of current events, a lot of additionally relevant policy matters are not being discussed in the news. We have started Transparency Thursdays in an effort to keep you informed on topics that may not be talked about or missed in the news. We want you to have access to what's going on in our state!

transparency thursday 6.4

As always, it is my pleasure to serve my community. Please contact my office anytime.


Capitol Phone: 503-986-1439
Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, H-395, Salem, OR 97301