Reopening of Marion & Polk Counties

Representative Raquel Moore-Green

Hello Friends,

Happy reopening of Marion and Polk Counties! What a relief we can begin the healing process of 10 weeks of isolation and personal supply chain interruption. As we phase back into communal life some of us may have apprehension stepping out to shop, eat, worship, and recreate. Some of us may be relieved and ready to roar. Wherever you fall in the spectrum please remember we will each approach this reentry differently. As we entered this pandemic I shared:

We are a strong and resilient community…. for the short term I ask you to stay calm. Have patience, extend grace. Use common sense. Be the caring community that you are to one another. Together we will weather this storm.

We are weathering this storm and we are ready to move to Phase 1 of solid ground, and I hope that we will have the same patience, grace and common sense employed from the onset.

There are guidelines to help keep the curve flat. Here is a link for information on to what you may expect from the various services as they reopen for business:

State Revenue Forecast

Whenever the word forecast is used, I think of a children’s book “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” For us today the state revenue forecast, as presented on Wednesday the 20th is “dense fog with fog lamps.” The sudden shut down of the economy has had dire consequences for individuals, families, and businesses regardless of location, size or function. The ripple effect has made its way to the state coffers and it is now anticipated to be a 2.7-billion-dollar revenue reduction for the 2019-21 biennium. It does not miraculously end with this budget cycle, the experts anticipate it will take the state of Oregon years to gain back to the pre-COVID19 revenue. The state economists project a loss of $10.5 billion over the next five years.

The Governor asked agencies across the state to submit budgets reflecting a 17% decrease. A Special Session of the Oregon Legislature needs to be convened to take up these important budgetary issues. Oregon has received $1.39 billion through the federal CARES act, and we have $1.6 billion in reserves. The decisions on how to best allocate these billions of dollars and determining the necessary budget cuts in the interest of our state and all Oregonians should now go to the people’s elected representatives. We will need to be prudent in our budgetary decisions going forward as we wait to see if consumer confidence returns and revenues increase.


Unemployment Claims

We continue to see a steady stream of requests for assistance in obtaining unemployment benefits. If you or someone you know is having difficulty obtaining benefits, please reach out to our office. We have had some success in overcoming the hurdles.

May Legislative Days

For the first time in the history of Oregon legislative days will be held virtually, via MS Teams. Committee meetings will be lived streamed on OLIS the link is provided here: The  House will meet May 22nd and May 26th – 29th. The Senate will meet June 1st-5th. This morning will find me in the House Health Care Committee. Tuesday the House Behavioral Health Care Committee will meet, and then my final committee meeting will be on Wednesday – Judiciary. I will also have a work group meeting during legislative days – the Universal Access to Primary Care work group will meet on Tuesday morning. This will be our first meeting as we work towards submitting a report in November. I look forward to continuing working on issues that are important to all Oregonians.

Heading into Memorial Day Weekend

As we enter Phase 1 of reopening Marion and Polk Counties, please remember to continue to social distance as you recreate, shop, eat, worship, and just enjoy life post “stay home-stay healthy.” Here is an updated list of local store hours for the Memorial Day weekend:

  • COSTCO - Regular hours. Face coverings required. M thru F 9:30am-8:30pm, Sat & Sunday 9:30-7pm (M thru F 8:30-9:30 am vulnerable shoppers only - may be less busy in early afternoon) (NOTE: Only 2 shoppers per member card.) CLOSED Memorial Day – May 25th.
  • FRED MEYER - Daily 7am-10pm (M thru Th 7-8am vulnerable shoppers only).
  • LIFE SOURCE NATURAL FOODS - Daily 8am-7pm (Daily 8-9am vulnerable shoppers).
  • NATURAL GROCERS - M-Sa 8:30 am-8:05 pm (opens at 8am on W) & Sunday 9am-7:35 pm (W 8-9 am & Sunday 9-10 am vulnerable shoppers only). CLOSED Memorial Day – May 25th.
  • RITE AID - Daily 8 or 9am(?)-9pm (M thru F 9-10am vulnerable shoppers only)
  • ROTH’S - Daily 6am-8pm (Tu & Th 6-8am vulnerable shoppers only)
  • SAFEWAY = Daily 7am-10pm (Tu & Th 7-9am vulnerable shoppers only)
  • TRADER JOE’S - Daily 9am-8pm (Daily 8-9am vulnerable shoppers only). Trader Joe’s now open until 8PM.
  • WALGREENS - Regular hours. Daily 8am-10pm (Tues 8-9am vulnerable shoppers only).
  • WALMART - Daily 7am-8:30pm (Tues 6-7am vulnerable shoppers only)
  • WINCO - Daily 7am-10pm (Tu & Th 6-7:30am vulnerable shoppers only)

Remember the number of customers allowed may be restricted and face coverings may be offered for use by the business.

Thank you for engaging with your state government. Please know my door is always open and my staff, Pam McClain, Lena Prine, and I welcome your participation.


All my best, rmg



Raquel Moore-Green
Representative for House District 19, South Salem, Aumsville & Turner

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1419
Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, H-385, Salem, OR 97301