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Representative Raquel Moore-Green

Hello Friends,

Nearly 300 responses to the survey sent out on May 1st were received.  Thank you for taking time to respond and share your thoughts. It is so important for me to hear your voices. Regardless of how you think or reason about an issue you provide insight to my understanding and ultimately the decisions I make as your state representative. While none of us will ever see eye to eye all the time, we do live in community. Respect and cooperation are fundamental to healthy functioning communities, whether it’s our immediate family, our school family or our greater community of House District 19.

The first question demonstrates that many are ready for Oregon to reopen:


Some of the most useful information came by way of “comments.” Here are few of the over 280 comments received pertaining to reopening:

We need to reopen now. Many more people are suffering from lack of medical care, emotional stress, and financially. Let’s not hurt anymore people in an effort to help people.

We have brains to decide for ourselves when and where we are safe and what risks we are willing to take.

Thanks for checking, balancing the strong voices with what is best based on data, and making the best decision at the moment. I'm confident all sides have safety as the driving force behind the decisions.

The resulting suicide, domestic violence, theft, drunkenness and drug abuse is on the heads of those who shut this down, as is our gigantic national debt our great grandkids will be paying off.

The head doctor of infectious diseases said we should not open until we have enough testing, hospital supplies, etc. It is too dangerous!

I am finding it hard to stay at home, not be able to hug and kiss and squeeze my kids and grandkids. I would like to move on!! Thanks for listening and caring!!

I think the individuals should be more involved in taking care of ourselves. If we don't feel safe going out, then we should stay home! Let people go out if they want to.

It was fine to quarantine and practice social distancing until we could get our ducks in a row and flatten the curve. It’s time to get back to work and living.

My concern is rushing the reopening and in the end causing this to be unnecessarily prolonged.

I worry most about opening too soon, rather than not soon enough. I worry about people who don't have an income and therefore can't pay their bills.

I am 69 with asthma. Do not shut down the economy and destroy people's lives for me. I know to wash my hands a lot, avoid sick people, my family does not come here sick.   I have medication that has prevented the asthma when I feel a respiratory virus coming on, and immune boosting vitamins based on my blood tests, I rarely get sick since I got this help. I know how to sanitize my house and avoid touching my face.

Follow example of Sweden. Let people self regulate and build herd immunity. Health risks due to stalled economy also must be managed.

Focus on the at risk groups: elderly, pre existing conditions, retirement centers etc. Let the rest of the Oregonians resume their lives.   Ferret out scientific studies from Stanford Dr's and the French Dr. (Dr Raoult) that discuss this virus and how best to treat it (HQC medicine). Share this information with the people and decisions makers. Thank you!

People will die from starvation, domestic violence, suicides, and despire if our state does not open soon.

Follow the data and recommendation of the health system experts.

Slow is better.

The following remark caused me to pause and truly think about what how our tomorrows may look:

Oregonians need to be told clearly that things cannot return to normal for a long time and without submitting to significant inconveniences (regular testing and tracking, as well as wearing masks, waiting outside the store or restaurant to keep capacity low, etc, etc). We have two options: (1) be careless and see another surge (perhaps worse if coinciding with flu season this winter) and then return to drastic social/physical distancing again and again; or (2) submit to major inconveniences, intrusions on our privacy, and long delays for services.     There are not other options. Elected officials should be pro-actively preparing Oregonians for this reality.

This survey was launched on Friday morning the 1st of May. That afternoon the Governor issued Executive Order 20-24 which extends the state of emergency until July 6, 2020. Some may contend her constitutional authority, however until someone does, Oregon will continue to be governed in a state of emergency. Translation - the state may continue to access federal funds for disaster relief, which is the intent of the Governor. It will also provide for the continuation of a moratorium on residential and commercial evictions, and other financial stimulus measures.


As we enter week 9 of the stay home - stay healthy order we anticipate to hear from the Governor with specifics on reopening businesses as well as counties within the state. Here are the various documents that were released late last week from her office pertaining to the phase 1 reopening.

There are hurdles along the way, and my hope is that the goals that are outlined now are not changed moving forward. I believe the shifting of the goals has been one of the major challenges for legislators monitoring this crisis. Oregonians committed to staying home – staying healthy to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID19, we have accomplished this goal. Nationally Oregon has the fourth lowest cases of COVID19 and ranks the eighth lowest in deaths. Testing, tracing, and isolation are the focus of addressing this virus moving forward.

New Grant Program

New grant program form Business Oregon opens applications today, please find details at the below links:

Re-Opening Oregon Town Hall

We have an opportunity to hear directly from the Governor’s office concerning the reopening of Oregon. You are invited to “It is time for Oregonians to be heard,” Wednesday, May 13th from 5:30-7:30 PM. Join Rep. Christine Drazan, Oregon House Republican Leader, Elana Pirtle-Giney Legislative Director, Governor Kate Brown, and Dr. Dana Hargunani Chief Medical Officer, State of Oregon. For a link to the meeting please email, House Republican Office.

town hall

HD19 and SD10 Joining Together

Please join me, and Senator Denyc Boles for a “Your District – Your Voice” listening session this Friday the 15th at noon.  Please register in advance here.  Your questions and comments are important, please consider emailing them ahead of time to

Thank you for engaging with your state government.  Please know my door is always open and my staff Pam McClain, Lena Prine, and I welcome your participation.

Yours truly,


Representative Raquel Moore-Green
House District 19, South Salem, Turner & Aumsville


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