COVID-19 Updates 4/9/2020

Rep. Sollman

Friends and Neighbors,

Education Updates

Yesterday, Governor Kate Brown announced that schools will now remain closed to in-person learning through the end of the school year. This extends to Higher Education Institutions in Oregon as well. This is a difficult time for our students, parents and educators. Educators care deeply about their students and seeing them in-person is truly part of the magic they deliver to those students every day. Administrators, educators, support staff are working very hard to continue to connect with students to guide them through this temporary, difficult time. We must provide patience and grace to educators at this time. They are working hard to meet their community’s needs and we will get through this together.

For High School Seniors: This is especially stressful for them. They have reached an exciting, pivotal milestone in their education. Besides the academics, being away from friends, sports and enjoying final school activities has just been very hard for them (and their parents). Please, if you know a senior, send them love and encouragement. Their mental health needs support more than ever right now. There has been some guidelines shared from ODE to help ease their mind regarding academic requirements.

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has released Graduation Pathways 2020, the official guidance detailing how Oregon’s high school seniors can earn their final set of high school credits and graduate on-time. This information has been shared with all of Oregon superintendents and it will be released to the media at 1:30 PM today.

The Graduation Pathways 2020 guidance ensures that the 12 years and 7 months of dedication and learning our students have accomplished are not impacted or diminished by an unprecedented closure during the last two months of their final school year.  

Key components of the guidance include:

  • Maintains Oregon’s rigorous credit requirements while providing a clear path to graduation for seniors who were on-track to graduate prior to the statewide school  closure.
  • Ensures that schools focus their resources to first support students who need to complete additional credits to graduate and then prepare all graduates for their next steps in life. 
  • Suspends Essential Skills and Personalized Learning Requirements.

Additional Education Links:

House District 30 teachers and students are connecting and learning! Send us a picture of your student hard at work.

Distance Learning

Popsicle sticks

Here is another fun idea to try at home with your kids, shared with me from a friend. Write down activities on popsicle sticks and keep them in a cup. When you need a break, draw a stick and see what activity you get to do.

Keep sending us your ideas of what you are doing while staying home.

Here is a link to the House District 30 coloring page and a picture of one of my young constituents coloring it at home below.

Color sheet


Supporting our Local Farms in House District 30

Going to the busy stores these days have some people feeling anxiety and stress.  We are fortunate in House District 30 to have bountiful agriculture right in our backyard. Here are some suggestions to support local family farms, that are selling locally-sourced goods.

La Finquita del Buho Farm in Helvetia:

We are a family-run farm and have been farming this 2 acre farm for the past 19 years. We started out with an over-sized family garden and 7 founding members and have grown to over 85 members. We operate our farm as a Community Supported Agriculture subscription farm. Spring is here and the garden needs to be planted. We have started an online store that will let us get plants to you no matter what. We hope that you will go to and order the plants you'll need. We also hope you'll recommend us to your gardening friends to help us get the reach that market affords us. Right now the website shows a three week waiting time for most items, but we will update that as soon as plants get ready. We also have two pick up sites available right now: Pumpkin Ridge Gardens and La Finquita del Buho, where we will have contact-free pick up available.

Marion Acres in Helvetia:

Come visit us at our own market! We not only have our pasture-raised meat available for purchase, but we have over 1,400+ locally made products from the Pacific Northwest including organic farm-fresh produce, milk, eggs, coffee, espresso, artisan handmade goods & more!

Schoch Dairy in Helvetia:

We sell fresh pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese, and fresh hen’s eggs. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis on the farm.

Stoneboat Farm in Helvetia:

Stoneboat Farm is a sustainable vegetable and turkey farm. Brothers Aaron and Jesse Nichols work with an awesome crew of humans, a few dogs, and sometimes some horses to grow the very best veggies we can.

Making a Difference

Nike will transform elements of their footwear and apparel into making PPE or Personal Protective Equipment in the form of full-face shields and powered, air-purifying respirator (PAPR) lenses to protect against the coronavirus (COVID-19). Read more about it here.

The City of North Plains has created the "Buy Local Club" program as a way to help support local businesses adversely affected during COVID-19 mandatory closures. This program aims to encourage residents to spend their money in North Plains. Not only does this bolster local businesses during a tough time, but North Plains Water account holders can earn 20% back (up to $50) as a credit on their water bill. Learn more about this program here.

Relief for Workers - What You Need to Know About the CARES Act



Additional Resources

District Links

Utilities Assistance

Food and Housing Assistance

  • Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-11: places a temporary moratorium on residential evictions for nonpayment in light of the public health emergency caused by the spread of coronavirus in Oregon. The order is effective for 90 days.
  • Governor Brown's Executive Order 20-13 strengthens Governor Brown's previous ban on residential evictions, and prohibits landlords from charging tenants late fees for nonpayment of rent during the moratorium. 
  • Community
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Meals on Wheels

It Takes a Village

Zoom meeting

I am so appreciative for the discussions and support with my fellow legislators and their teams during this time. Thank you to Representative Susan McLain (HD 29) and Senator Chuck Riley (SD 15), and Nickole and Linda, for joining me virtually to discuss the issues our constituents are facing. We are planning a regular check-in to stay on top of communication.

Stay Home Save Lives


All across Oregon, sunny skies and warmer weather is on the way. Remember, it's more important than ever to #StayHomeSaveLives. Here are some tips from The Oregonian has some tips for safely enjoying the nice weather during this time:

  • Open the windows.
  • Get started on yardwork or home projects.
  • Move your work outside.
  • Take your workout outside.
  • Clean your bike or car.
  • Do some gardening.
  • Find space to relax outdoors.
  • Go on walks.
  • Run or ride your bike.



Please don't hesitate to reach out to my office with any questions or concerns.

Onward and Upward,


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