Today's Update for District 15 - April 6, 2020

Representative Shelly Boshart Davis


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This will be a tough week, and over the weekend as I listened to the news, read about the hurt across our state and our nation, a few things stuck with me that I’d like to share. We need to increasingly be advocating for people that want to go back to work because they miss the dignity it gave them. It isn’t just the small business that has been shuttered, it’s the dreams that are now put in jeopardy and the life savings that are put on the line to be able to go back to their vision that only America is able to deliver. We have to fight this battle on two different fronts  - we need to kill the invisible enemy and this will be a tough week. Preventing spread, supporting our health care workers, and pushing for more PPE, etc… But there is the other battle: talking about the real true economic cost. Its not just economic, it’s the suicide, depression, mental health, abuse, anxiety… its the human cost.

As I continue to keep you updated with as much information I can, know it’s the people that are our greatest natural resource. Let’s take care of each other. ~Shelly


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CARES Act Information


U.S. Senate Republicans at the Federal level have published a newsletter outlining the assistance small businesses can receive from the new CARES Act. The Small Business Administration through the help of the Treasury Department will be securing 100% of loans with a 4% interest rate to help cover payroll expenses, rents, and more.  At the state level in Oregon, a new Executive Order 20-13 from Gov. Kate Brown declares that small businesses do not need to worry about evictions either as of April 1st. Read the latest Executive Order on the Moratorium here. 

Business Oregon has stepped up and created a navigating resource to help small businesses find the relief they may need or where to find it:

Business Oregon – Small Business Resource Navigator

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act

Details can be found in this newsletter.



Paycheck protection


Application Now Open for Paycheck Protection Program.

Starting today, businesses can apply through their local lender for the Paycheck Protection loan program that will provide businesses with up to eight weeks of funding to keep employees on the payroll. The Treasury Department released useful information for lenders and borrowers, and a copy of the application below.

Paycheck Protection Program Application



Childcare Executive Order


Effective April 1st, Gov. Brown’s Executive Order allows for prioritizing the needs of essential workers to receive childcare. Consistent with the rule of keeping groups to less than 10 people gathering together at one time, this will allow daycares to remain open if they are serving those essential workers. The essential workers are a priority, including Healthcare, Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Food and Agriculture (this includes grocery and restaurant take-out), Energy and Utility, Waste and Wastewater, Transportation, Public Works, and more.

CLICK HERE FOR: Essential Workers During COVID-19 Information 

LOCAL CHILDCARE NEWS: Mid-Willamette YMCA offers emergency care to essential work force





There has been the largest influx of unemployment insurance claims submitted in the last two weeks that it has shocked the system. Oregon’s Employment Department was not intended to receive such a large number of claims but has doubled its workforce and is looking to triple it to meet the demand of citizens forced out of work due to coronavirus. The link below will direct you to the Unemployment Insurance website as well as the status of the program.

Additionally, email me if you are having trouble with the website, with responses, etc:



deadline extended


There have been many disruptions to the normal activities of our everyday lives. Therefore, many government deadlines have been extended to reasonably accommodate our current situation. The first extension comes from the IRS to give more time to file taxes for the 2019 fiscal year, all taxes must be paid by July 15th unless otherwise given another extension. Next item to be extended is the REAL ID cards that we are supposed to switch over to. Still starting in July 2020, we now have until October 2021 to get the new ID card. Since this year is the beginning of a new decade its also the time when we count every person in the country to best gauge how we distribute resources from the Federal government. The 2020 Census will have an extension to August 14th for people to submit their survey. It is important that we fill this out and use our time wisely to meet these new deadlines.

Click here for: 2020 Census

Click here for: REAL ID Cards

Click here for: TAX Extension



Distance learning


The Oregon Department of Education has recently acknowledged that with the sustained measure of the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ Executive Order may keep students’ home for the remainder of the academic year. This means that schools will be shifting from a supplementary education to a Distance Learning for All program.

There are many challenges to overcome from internet connectivity to teacher’s ability and familiarity with online educating. Some school districts do not have the internet server capacity or the resources to make sure students stay connected. These challenges are present but should not be considered stumbling block, we can overcome them and make sure our children meet their education requirements.

Click on the following links for more information: 

Distance Learning for All Summary

Distance Learning for All Guidance

Greater Albany Public Schools

Oregon Department of Education



PPE Priorities


A nationwide shortage has been the largest obstacle to over come but the Emergency Coordination Center is prioritizing the procurement of supplies. As of March 30th, the new distribution center is up and running with 189,000 square feet located in Wilsonville. In coordination with the Oregon Health Authority, Department of Administrative Services, Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, and even the National Guard, they are working to stay full time and fully staffed. With help from the federal government they plan to continue maximizing efficiencies and streamlining the process to distribute materials across the state.



Mental health


The COVID-19 crisis is impacting routines, livelihoods and mental health. Here are some ways to protect your mental health from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

  • Separate what's in your control from what is not
  • Do what helps you feel a sense of safety
  • Get outside in nature—maintaining social distance
  • Challenge yourself to stay in the present
  • Stay connected and reach out if you need support
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness COVID-19 Information and Resource Guide




Click here for more information on COVID-19


Reminder: The Oregon Health Authority – OHA: is an excellent source of information about resources and benefits, and they are also ready to answer your questions about coronavirus. They are open seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. by phone (call 211), text (text your ZIP code to 898211) or email (

Together, we will get through this. Be kind to one another and reach out if you or a loved one need assistance.

Better together,

Rep. Boshart Davis

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