COVID-19 Update

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Representative Bill Post


Below are a few different links for resources for businesses and employees, as well as health information:

Federal guidance for small businesses, including information on the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.
Small Business Administration Guidance


Work Share allows employers to leverage Partial Unemployment Insurance benefits for employers whose workforce is impacted by COVID-19
Work Share Oregon


Information for employers, workers, and job seekers.
Oregon Employment Department


State guidance for Oregon businesses.
Business Oregon Interim Guidance for Businesses


A comprehensive list of food resources from how to apply for SNAP (or report a decrease in income) to food pantries to school meal replacements.
Accessing Food During the COVID-19 Outbreak


Information on personal hygiene, social distancing, and what to do if you are sick:
OHA Coronavirus Page


How to protect yourself:


What to do if you're sick:


WHO Updates:

Important FYI:


OHA reported 10 additional cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the states to total up to 75. There have also been two new COVID-19 related deaths, one in Washington County and one in Lane County. This brings the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in Oregon to 3.

The Joint Special Committee on Coronavirus Response met today for about four and a half hours. You can watch today’s committee meeting here.  The committee is planning to meet again on Friday the 20th, but a time has not been set yet.
Hospital Coordination

  • The Joint Taskforce on Health Care System Response is working to manage demand and grow health care capacity.
  • A mobile hospital facility is being set up at the State Fairgrounds to act as a location for step down, hospital diversion or recovery care.
  • Oregon Health Authority is looking into how many currently unlicensed hospital beds we can put into use.
  • OHA is also exploring the possibility of converting places such as hotels or dorm rooms into health care capacity.
  • The health care system may require a staffing lift and new resources to hire people to staff necessary jobs.
  • Taskforces are meeting today, tomorrow and Friday and will come back with recommendations for building new health care capacity, particularly for ICU beds.
  • Projections are that we will need 1000 additional beds to meet the surge.
  • Non-emergency medical visits, including many dental procedures, are being put off to save on personal protective equipment and to free up facilities and staff.

Medical Workforce

  • Oregon is accessing local Medical Reserve Corps and ServeOR, groups comprised of former health care professionals to bolster the workforce.


  • As part of the new guidance for school districts, the Governor is asking schools to come up with plans to offer childcare for the children of health care workers and first responders.

Emergency Management Command Structure

  • A Unified Command Structure has been established utilizing the All Hazards organizational structure.
  • This is the same structure that would be utilized during a Cascadia event.
  • 60 people are working in the Emergency Coordination Center.

Testing and Supplies

  • Commercial Labs began reporting on COVID-19 tests on Monday. Oregon now can conduct between 1000-1500 tests per week. Director Allen is hoping that capacity could rise to 2000 test per week soon.
  • Supplies of Personal Protective Equipment are still critical.
  • Oregon has received 10% of our request for PPE from the Federal Government. Another 15% of that request should be on its way.
  • Oregon has already used 28 percent of our supply of N95 Masks, 66% of our supply of surgical masks, and 83% of our supply of gowns.
  • Steps are being taken to reduce the use of PPE as well as find additional sources of PPE.

Economic Outlook

  • The Coronavirus Economic Recovery Council met for the first time yesterday. You can find the council’s charter and membership here.
  • The Council will be addressing immediate, short term and long term needs. They will be working on an ongoing needs assessment and identifying gaps.
  • Regional Recovery Teams will be deployed through the state’s Regional Solutions structure.
  • According to the Governor’s Office, it is still too early to determine the full economic damages Oregon will face during this crisis.
  • The Governor’s Office believes general fund tax receipts will drop significantly and this it is important that we be careful regarding state finances till we know more of the economic impacts
  • A coordinated group including financial experts from both the legislative and executive branches will be established to focus on the statewide financial impacts faced by Oregon as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.
  • May 20th is when the next revenue forecast is planned.
  • Department of Revenue has posted guidance for taxpayers for seeking exemptions and relief.

Relief of Business

  • Businesses are saying that cash flow is their biggest issue. Businesses need money to pay employees and keep their doors open.
  • Businesses are asking to delay the implementation of the Corporate Activities Tax to ensure businesses can pay employees and bills.
  • Easing up on several state regulations would go a long way in assisting Oregon businesses.
  • The Small Business Administration has modified its requirements for a statewide declaration. A request has been submitted and Oregon should hear back from the SBA tomorrow. All counties in Oregon should then have access to funds through the SBA.


  • The Governor’s Office believes that we should explore the possibility of providing rental assistance and maybe even mortgage assistance in tandem with a moratorium on evictions to help keep people housed during the crisis.
  • It will be necessary to look up the entire chain to ensure that landlords who rely on rent to pay their mortgages are protected.

Unemployment Insurance and Workers Comp

  • In expanding and extending Unemployment Insurance, we have to ensure that whatever changes are made do not have an impact on the matching funds Oregon receives from the federal government.
  • Many employers are now seeking unemployment benefits, some for the first time. The website is facing issues due to the federal database being overloaded, but that is being worked on.
  • Guidance is being worked on for health care workers and first responders to have workers' compensation layered into their benefit structure.
  • Oregon is working with SAIF and self-insured employers to move the market into a presumption of industrial exposure for health care workers and first responders for COVID-19.
  • Several groups fall through the cracks for UI coverage. Looking into protection for Independent Contractors and LLC owners who do not have UI insurance coverage withheld.
  • Businesses have suggested diverting the Corporate Kicker into bolstering the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Be safe.


Bill Post
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