Rep McLain's March Newsletter!

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Good afternoon community members of Cornelius, Forest Grove, and Hillsboro,

As I send out this newsletter this month, my heart is heavy. We have so many budget issues, important bills, and requests from our constituents that need to be addressed. At this time, those of us in the building are working diligently to continue the discussions and process work to get these things done. I continue to commit to being here and working every single day to represent your needs as you have shared them with me. Please always feel free to email, call, or set up a coffee or a meeting if you'd like. I look forward to seeing you soon. 


Staff Photo

With my staff, Roxy Mayer and Claire Prihoda

Session Update

Rep McLain On The Floor

We are currently waiting for our colleagues to come back to work. Some Representatives and Senators have walked out on their duty as legislators, leaving us without the ⅔ attendance needed to make a quorum in each chamber. These lawmakers are walking out on a climate bill rather than represent their constituents by showing up, and voting.

Climate change is a crisis, and the Oregon public voted overwhelmingly to send us to Salem to take action on their behalf. We’ve put forward the most vetted, researched, and discussed bill in my time in the legislature. It balances the urgent need to address the climate crisis, while protecting the well-being of families and communities all across the state.

Urgent action on climate is being blocked, but here are a handful of the many bills that would make an impact on Oregon lives right now if we could act on them:

      • House Bill 4148: This bill would codify in Oregon the federal Indian Children Welfare Act, ensuring that Native American children in our foster system are cared for in a culturally appropriate way. Native American children go into the foster care system at disproportionate rates.Their welfare is intrinsically tied to their connection to their culture, family, and tribe. It is our responsibility to care for them.
      • House Bill 4173. Oregon Insulin Affordability Act would ensure insulin remains affordable. Access to insulin is not enough for many Oregonians if it is financially out of reach. The bill will cap insulin costs at $75 for a 30-day supply, or $225 for a 90-day supply, regardless of how many vials a patient might need, making this life-saving medicine accessible to thousands of Oregonians.
Speaker Kotek
  • House Bills 4001, 4002: Speaker Kotek wants to urgently address the statewide housing crisis this session. HB 4001 would immediately, and temporarily wave zoning and land use restrictions to allow for an increase in shelters to accommodate the huge population of people experiencing houselessness. HB 4002 directs PSU to study the the impact and cost of long-term housing assistance. Federal funding is drying up to help people at risk of becoming homeless, and this is an important step to making sure all Oregonians have a secure home. 

Pictured: Chief Clerk Tim Sekerak and Deputy Chief Clerk Obie Rutledge with Speaker Tina Kotek presiding. 

on the floor

Posting of the Colors

  • HJR 202: Otherwise known as the HOPE amendment. If it passes, it will be on its way to a ballot near you. If Oregonians vote yes, it would amend the Oregon Constitution to explicitly state that all Oregonians have a fundamental right to “cost effective, clinically appropriate and affordable health care.” 
  • House Bill 4107: As leaders, it is our duty to address discrimination in all its forms. This bill addresses discrimination in two ways: by prohibiting discrimination based on hair texture and style, and requiring that businesses accept all U.S. cash and coins and cannot be “card only,” with some common sense exceptions. These changes level the playing field for members of the African American community, who are often told their natural hair is not professional or acceptable. Requiring businesses to accept cash ensures that all Oregonians, regardless of income or banking status, have access to food and public accommodations.
Subcommittee on Education
  • House Bill 4146: My Part Time Faculty bill is currently in the Ways and Means Committee. We are still talking to the Tri-Chairs of that committee, advocating for a work session. The part-time faculty who work full-time at multiple institutions deserve affordable health insurance, and the passage of this bill would finally make that a reality for many hard working employees. 

(pictured: Senator Frederick, Senator Roblan, Representative Alonso Leon, Representative Meek.

In the Capitol


Oregon School-Based Health Alliance stopped by for their 2020 School Health Advocacy Day to share how school-based health centers (HBHCs) provide accessible, quality healthcare to students in Oregon. These three students from Forest Grove shared their stories with me.

Here are some stats I learned: 82% of surveyed students were unlikely to have received care the day they needed it if there had not been an SBHC available. SBHCs serve students and youth regardless of whether or not they have insurance, and 21% of their clients in 2018-2019 school year were uninsured. In that same 2018-2019 school year, every SBHC had a behavioral health provider onsite. This kind of access to healthcare means a world of difference for a student in the midst of a health crisis.

Cornelius YAC - cropped


Cornelius Youth Advisory Council

I'm always inspired when I meet with young people in my community who are making a difference. I met with the Cornelius Youth Advisory Council to discuss the issues they care about most, like tackling climate change and making their streets and communities safer. 

Clean Energy Jobs



Clean Energy Job Activists

I got to visit with some friends who show up every day to push for climate action. With activists like this, I know we can work together and do our part to reduce emissions. 

Moms Demand Action


Moms Demand Action

The hard working activists of Moms Demand Action stopped by my office! They are fighting for common sense gun measures like House Bill 4005. HB 4005 would require that gun owners safely store their guns, so children or unauthorized people can't harm themselves or others.

FFA meeting


Oregon FFA

When the Future Farmers of America were founded in 1928, they wanted to prepare future generations for the challenges of feeding a growing population. To this day, they are still supporting our ambitious students, and helping them become the farmers, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs of our future. I was so excited to meet with these smart, ambitious students and share with them my life  experiences of civic involvement. I love this organization because of their leadership development and civic community involvement and volunteerism.  

Coronavirus Briefing

The House Committee on Health Care hosted a briefing with officials from the Oregon Health Authority on Coronavirus monitoring in Oregon. If you would like to watch a video of the briefing, it is available here.

They are monitoring the situation closely, and have systems in place from previous bad-flu seasons. If the situation escalates, there are Crisis Grants that can be used from the Federal Government to quickly take action.

Their advice was simple and easy. Wash your hands, cover your cough, and stay home if you’re sick. Those are long term, low tech preventative measures that really work. 


Click this Image for FAQs on Coronavirus

Get Involved!

Blue Book Essay Contest

The Secretary of State has announced the 2021-2022 Oregon Blue Book Essay Contest! All Elementary and Middle School aged children can submit an essay, competing to be published in the 2021-2022 edition of the Oregon Blue Book. Winners will also be invited to the Capitol for the official Blue Book release party in early 2021. The essay question is: What is your favorite Oregon State Park and why? Essayists are encouraged to include illustrations with their essay.

Apply to be a member of a public board!

Interested in throwing your hat in the ring, and getting involved in your community? Apply to be a member of a public board, and have your voice be heard. Click on a button below to find a list of boards in each city.

I want to highlight one public board specifically that really inspires me. The Youth Advisory Council works to improve their community by building connections between young people and their local government and advocating for youth priorities. The YAC positions are opening up this summer, with applications being accepted this spring.

Cornelius Button

Forest Grove Button

Hillsboro Public Board

Oregon Public Boards

TV Highway Safety Update


On March 18, I will be joining CPO 12C for a discussion with ODOT about the upcoming TV Highway Road Safety Audit, as well as pedestrian crossing improvements along the Adair Street and Baseline Street couplet in Downtown Cornelius. 



Click the image to go the event website.

Last month, Representative Sollman, Senator Riley, and I sent a letter to the Oregon Department of Transportation and Trimet, describing the security concerns on TV Highway. We asked ODOT to designate the section between Hillsboro and Forest Grove as a safety corridor, and I wanted to share their updates with you. In collaboration with Washington County, City of Cornelius, and law enforcement, they are in the process of conducting a Road Safety Audit, and they expect results from the study this June. In the meantime, additional improvements are being explored to decrease the speed of traffic and ODOT has also made a recommendation to the Oregon Transportation Commission to approve a $5.2 million project to install rectangular rapid flashing beacons at TV Highway at A&B Row and Armco Avenue and Main Street.

Know Your Civil Rights & Protect Your Family


In light of the the ICE arrest at a school bus stop last month, I want to share some information and resources for your community. First, here is a toolkit that includes regularly updated resources about your civil rights protections and the sanctuary law in Oregon:  

DACA toolkit english

Here is a comment from Colt Gill, Director of the Oregon Department of Education and
Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction.

"All Oregon students are entitled to equal access to a public elementary and secondary education regardless of their actual or perceived race, color, national origin, citizenship, immigrant status, or the status of their parents/guardians. ODE and the State Board of Education stand behind this entitlement, and further believes that leading with a strong equity stance and approach to education services is critical to ensuring the success of Oregon’s students and families.

Our immigrant families are valued members of our communities across the state. However, they are facing more challenges, like the changes to the “public charge” rules. Schools play a critical role in ensuring inclusivity, a social safety-net, and an education for our students. These new issues faced by our families’ present new challenges for our stretched system, but as educators we always put children at the center of our work and…I know we will strive to serve every child in each of our communities across Oregon. I commit to working with state and federal officials name these tactics as harmful and ask that they cease confrontations and arrests in or around schools and school-related facilities. Thank you for your service and please reach out if we can be of assistance."


La semana pasada, funcionarios de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE) arrestaron a un padre que estuve en la parada de autobús acompanando a su hijo. Por eso, quiero compartir información y recursos para nuestra comunidad. Abajo hay una "herramienta" que encluye información que se actualiza periódicamente.

DACA resources spanish

Unas palabras por Colt Gill, Director of the Oregon Department of Education and
Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction: 

"Todos los estudiantes de Oregon tienen derecho al acceso equitativo de la educación pública de primaria y secundaria, independientemente de su raza real o percibida, color, origen nacional, ciudadanía, estatus migratorio o el estado de su padre/madre/tutores. El Departamento de Educación de Oregon (ODE por sus siglas en ingles) y la Junta Estatal de Educación respaldan este derecho, y además creen en liderar con una fuerte postura de equidad y enfoque en los servicios educativos, es fundamental para asegurar el éxito de los estudiantes y las familias de Oregon.

Nuestras familias inmigrantes son miembros valiosos de nuestras comunidades a través del estado. Sin embargo, están atravesando más retos, como los cambios de las reglas de cargo público, * Las escuelas juegan un papel crítico en asegurar la integración, una red de seguridad social, y una educación para nuestros estudiantes. Estas cuestiones nuevas enfrentadas por nuestras familias, presentan un nuevo reto a nuestro sistema tensado, pero como educadores, nosotros siempre ponemos a nuestros estudiantes en el centro de nuestro trabajo y … yo sé que lucharemos para servir a cada niño y niña en cada una de nuestras comunidades atreves del estado de Oregon. Yo me comprometo a trabajar con los oficiales estatales y federales y nombrar estas tácticas como dañinas y pedir que paren las confrontaciones y arrestos a los alrededores de las escuelas e instalaciones. Gracias por su servicio y por favor comuníquese si podemos ser de ayuda."

Upcoming Events



March 11th Town Hall: Please join Representative Sollman, Representative Neron, and me at our town hall on March 11th at 11:30 at the Civic Center in Hillsboro (150 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123). We will be re-capping the events of the short session, answering any questions you may have, and talking about our plans for the future.

We hope to see you there! 

End of Session Flyer


  • Hillsboro St. Patrick's Day Parade: On March 14, starting at 11:30am, come down to Downtown Hillsboro to enjoy the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade! Details here.


  • Pacific University Theater presents: This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing on Sunday, March 15th. This is the magnificent story of three triplet sisters abandoned in a forest by their woodcutter father, and coming back together after 20 years of adventures. (Pacific University Theatre - Warner Hall, Tom Miles Theatre, 2040 College Way. Forest Grove, OR 97116)


  • Dinner and Action: End the month with a night out at the Forest Grove/Cornelius Chamber of Commerce’s 32nd annual Chamber Dinner and Auction! They’ll be at the Forest Grove Armory with good food and great prizes. Check out the Facebook event here.

It is an honor to work for you as your Representative, and I hope to see you around the district soon. 

Capitol and Daffodils

Other Upcoming Events

Yours truly,

Representative Susan McLain

Representative Susan McLain
House District 29

email: I phone: 503-986-1429
address: 900 Court St NE, H-376, Salem, OR 97301