Representative Shelly Boshart Davis


We will not be intimidated. We will continue to stand up for the hardworking families of Oregon who have asked for the abuse of power to end and for cap and trade to be referred to the people.

“Across the state, we have heard overwhelmingly from Oregonians who support the actions we have taken to insist that this bill (SB1530) be referred to voters. We’ve heard directly from them over the last 24 hours and the message they are sending to us is clear: Thank you, we support you, please continue to stand up for our right to vote on this bill. We will not be intimidated by the attacks from special interest groups who are in line for funding from the cap-and-trade cash cow-- because we know the working people of Oregon have our backs.” -State Representative Christine Drazan

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Statement from House Minority Leader Rep Christine Drazan


Enough is enough.

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Rep Boshart Davis on Cap and Trade

Understandably, at the Capitol, there are a lot of strong emotions felt on both sides of the aisle. However, in light of decisions made by the Supermajority leaders yesterday, I have made the decision to advise my staff to continue the work they do for my office and our constituents - remotely.

The line of respectful communication has been abused. Therefore, I strongly feel my staff should not be subjected to a workplace environment brought on by these current situations. From colleague's actions to visiting activists, it is unacceptable my staff should be made to feel unsafe, threatened, or uncomfortable in their work environment.

We will continue to watch hearings and respond to emails and evaluate the situation for Monday. Thanks for your understanding.

As I continue my fight for hard-working Oregonian families, please stay tuned for up-to-date information by following me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Talk soon,

Rep. Boshart Davis

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1415
Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, H-389, Salem, OR 97301