Week 2 Recap: Timber Unity Rally and Student Visits

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Week 2 Recap: February 10 - 14

The second week of the short session blew by, but we had the largest rally in the state's history and some welcomed visits from college students from Central Oregon. 

Timber Unity Rally

TU Rally

Timber Unity had an amazing display of patriotism, democracy, and liberty. Thousands of Oregonians surrounded the state capitol to express their dissatisfaction over SB 1530 and their support for the Timber Unity movement. The rally was well organized and peaceful, I was thrilled to see so many Oregonians from across the state there, including attendees from Deschutes County! Thank you to Timber Unity for your recognition as well, together we can be a strong voice for all Oregonians.

Tu rally 2

Public University Day

osu cascades students

College students from around the state gathered in Salem to advocate for student’s needs. OSU-Cascades in Central Oregon has served a crucial role in our community, improving access to four-year degrees and programs that are a unique reflection of our community’s needs. I am proud to be an advocate for this university and the higher institutions of learning throughout Oregon.

COCC Students Visit

COCC Students

Last week I was visited by the leadership from Central Oregon Community College, and this week I was graced by students attending our great local community college. I appreciated their strong work advocating on behalf of their school and fellow students. COCC offers unique opportunities to students of all ages and all needs in our community. Thank you for visiting!

Advocating for Erin's Law

I was joined this last week by Jade Wray, a strong advocate for student’s safety in schools. She supports Erin’s Law; a law I was a chief sponsor of in 2015 and that was passed with broad bi-partisan support. The law requires schools enact training and programs to prevent sexual abuse for students from kindergarten through high school. Jade has continued to push for greater compliance with Erin’s Law for school districts throughout the state and has been a tireless advocate for families and students. Thank you Jade, Oregon is better because of you!

Jade Wray

Oregon Recovers

Oregon Recovers

Drug addiction is a brutal and complicated scourge on our society that leaves many victims in its wake. Oregon Recovers is filled with fantastic advocates who help those struggling with addiction to get the resources and support they need to overcome their addictions. Not only does Oregon Recovers focus on treatment and recovery, but they work hard to ensure prevention and address root causes of addiction. This group helps to save lives and bring about a healthier community, I am proud to stand with them and advocate with them here in Salem.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 202

SCR202 Floor Speech

Earlier last week I testified in favor of Senate Concurrent Resolution 202, following my testimony before the Senate Rules committee in the bill, it passed unanimously. I had the privilege of carrying this bill on the Senate floor as well where it passed again unanimously. This Resolution commemorates the 100th anniversary of the federal Rehabilitation Act and celebrates the success of vocational rehabilitation in supporting Oregonians with disabilities to join the workforce. Thousands of Oregonians, many of them wounded veterans, have benefited from this program and helped Oregon’s economy lift everyone. I also must recognize Senate President Peter Courtney, who granted me an additional bill that I might be able to celebrate this anniversary. Typically, Senators are only allowed a single bill during the short session, and I am grateful for President Courtney’s exception and understanding. You can watch my floor speech on the bill here.

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