Week 1 Recap: The 2020 Session Begins and Constituents Visit

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Week 1 Recap: February 3 - 7 2020

The Oregon Legislature began the 2020 Session. With one week of five completed, things are moving fast in Salem. 

2020 Short Session Begins!

Senator Tim Knopp

Last Monday saw the 2020 Regular Session, often referred to as the Short Session, began. This session is only five weeks long. Bills must move through the committee hearing process quickly to become law. The original intent that was pitched to voters was a session that would focus on small budgetary balance questions and small technical fixes to legislation. Today, the short session is more commonly seen as a sprint to the finish line to try and revive legislation that didn’t quite make it through the previous long session.

Association of ORN


I was pleased to have a visit from the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses last week. Nurses serve a critical role in our community. I am proud to stand beside them and be an advocate for them. My time on the Senate Health Care Committee has allowed me to better serve and advocate on their behalf. Thank you for stopping by, and your hard work.

Mom's Demand Action

Mom's Demand Action

Mom’s Demand Action came to visit with a group of constituents to discuss their opinions on bills before the legislature this session. I appreciate their willingness to come and advocate on issues that are important to them.


E2, a business advocate group who focuses on raising awareness for emerging green energy jobs. I’m pleased to see new careers growing in Central Oregon, a diverse economy is a strong economy. These young adults are on the cutting edge of new technologies and opportunities, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next for our community and for Oregon.


COCC Leadership Visits


Central Oregon Community College leaders visited me to advocate for our important local institution of higher learning. COCC has been critical in the economic and opportunity growth of our community in Central Oregon. We need to support institutions like COCC so that there are educational opportunities and options for all families in Central Oregon. Go Bobcats!

Habitat for Humanity

HfH CO Leaders

Habitat for Humanity is a non profit that I am a strong supporter of. Homes and housing have been an issue that I have been an advocate for my entire life; and without organizations like Habitat, too many of our neighbors would be without a home. I am grateful that they spent time to come to Salem and share their needs with me, I always appreciate the opportunity to do work with them.

OPHA Visits With A New Local Member

Local Constituent

Dr. Tom Engle of Central Oregon and the Oregon Public Health Authority stopped by to talk about issues before the Senate Health Care Committee. I always appreciate constituents coming by to share their ideas and concerns regarding issues, as it better equips me to serve our community. Thanks for making the trip over to visit!

Deschutes Head Start

Deschutes Head Start

Thank you to Deschutes Head Start for making the journey over to Salem to discuss the issues facing schools and students. Their dedication and work have helped to improve our education systems so that our students, teachers, families, and communities can succeed to the best of their abilities.

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Senator Tim Knopp 
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