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Three Cap and Trade Bills


Here we go again, the previous HB 2020, Cap and Trade bill is on the agenda for the short session but it’s not alone. There are three more iterations of the bill being heard: Senate Bill 1530, House Bill 4159, and finally Senate Bill 1574. Learn more about Cap and Trade here.

Links to the three bills to be introduced during the short session:

Time to #StandUp and show up to get your voice heard:

February 4 Public Hearing Scheduled

February 6 Public Hearing Scheduled

February 8 Public Hearing Scheduled

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Let's Roll Rally


Once again, the grassroots group at the forefront of staging mobilized awareness, TIMBERUNITY will descend upon the Capitol with the #TIMBERUNITY “Let’s Roll” Convoy.

This isn’t the first convoy, and I am most sure it won’t be the last. They have exponentially grown since the first one. As a matter of fact, #TIMBERUNITY was organically born from passionate, hard-working, and thoughtful rural Oregonians, standing up for their families, livelihoods, and communities who will be impacted by this devastating legislation.


TU Timeline


More information about the event:



Oregon Mobile Gaming


The short Legislative session starts on Monday and after listening to the Lottery in committee, I will be introducing a new bill to address lacking oversight of the Oregon Lottery. Since the Oregon Lottery launched its new live sports betting platform there has been an increased concern for the social and personal costs of gambling addiction. Research shows direct correlation between platform availability and player isolation. As well as enabling an even greater potential for gambling addiction through access and speed of play.

After listening to testimony during a committee hearing, it became apparent that something needs to be done about the lacking oversight. My question to Matt Shelby, Public Information Officer for the Oregon Lottery made it very clear that the legislature has little authority when it comes to the Lottery. His comments: “Voter’s when they set up [the lottery] established the commission with very broad rule-making authority to kind of govern their operations.”

Therefore, on Monday, my first order of business will be to introduce HB4153 to provide oversight. Moreover, to define and prohibit high transactive velocity play from being offered on mobile devices or personal computers by the Oregon Lottery or any other entity, public or private.

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Fat 'CAT' Consumes Oregonians


Agriculture commodities have a complex and dynamic supply chain subject to the Corporate Activity Tax aka Student Success Act. The uncertainty on how to certify out of state sales, co-mingled products, applying the definition of grocery, regulatory restrictions on interstate commerce, and disincentivizing local ag production compounds the need to exempt agriculture products. Ultimately, the intent of not increasing the cost of food should be further investigated.

The Corporate Activity Tax’ direct impact to the cost of consumers will be felt statewide and in every industry. In effort to reduce the pain to Oregon’s working families, I have introduced measure HB4154. This bill is written with a provision to establish a clear exemption that the receipts from the sale of food, agricultural, floricultural, horticultural, and viticultural products are not considered a taxable activity.

Read the full bill here:

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As always, I feel it is important for my constituents to be informed, engaged, and empowered.

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