January Legislative Newsletter

Representative Raquel Moore-Green

Hello Friends,

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to meet with a few young students interested in interning with our office during the upcoming 2020 short legislative session.  One of them posed the question to me as to what I was hoping to achieve during these five brief weeks beginning Monday, February 3.


On a personal note I shared that I am looking forward to the legislating role, where I take part in final decisions - votes on the floor - on legislation developed by fellow members.   Up to this point as Representative for HD19 I have focused on getting to know the concerns and needs of the constituents, which I have shared in previous newsletters.  I have spent literally hundreds of hours talking to those “boots on the ground,” policy makers, and industry leaders to understand the issues within the committees which I was assigned – Judiciary, Health Care, and the subcommittee on Behavioral Health.  In addition to the meetings, I have read over hundreds of pages of reports, articles, and emails.  All of this has well equipped me as we enter session. 


After meeting with community members, one of my goals is to help legislate some “fixes” surrounding laws passed last session.  One example is clarity on the definition of the word “supervision” in SB 24.  Funny how one word can mean one thing to a policy maker / legislator and another to the clinician providing services in the community.  Another adjustment needed is restoring funding to Court Care for Marion and Polk counties.  A program designed to help parents and their children as they attempt to rebuild their lives through the criminal justice system.  This previously funded program was one of the causalities of a long session and the budgetary choices that were made. 


My committee assignments remain - Behavioral Health, Health Care, and Judiciary for the 2020 session.  In short, I am looking forward to session and fulfilling my position as a state representative.  A role that continues to keep me humble, and remind me of the importance of clarity, communication, and comradery as we work for the good of all Oregonians.


Thank you for engaging with your state government.  Please know my door is always open and my staff, Pam McClain, and I welcome your participation.


In Other News -


During Legislative Days a highlight among the numerous meetings held was a visit to our office by Beaver Caucus members.  This group of current students and graduates was visiting the 2020 Oregon State Legislature in support of funding for two key OSU capital construction projects.  Their enthusiasm and professionalism are contagious and was a welcome visit to our office.  Best of luck to the Beaver Caucus as they work with policymakers in making decisions that impact the future of OSU.


As we concluded our Legislative Days last week, we were treated to a terrific presentation by the Oregon State Police.  These hardworking professionals have a visible presence in the Capitol Building and are well prepared as we begin the 2020 session.  Thoughtful, friendly, and thorough, I am grateful for the experience they provide to the safety of all in the Capitol building.  That includes Artie, the bomb sniffing dog.  Should you see him while passing through the Capitol halls, probably best to step aside and let him do his job.  Though friendly, we are told he is very focused while on the job.  Good job Artie!


Yours truly,


Representative Raquel Moore-Green
House District 19

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1419
Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, H-385, Salem, OR 97301
Email: Rep.RaquelMooreGreen@oregonlegislature.gov
Website: http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/moore-green