16 days or less

Representative Smith Warner

Happy Friday!

We have 16 days or less of session left, and I want to keep you posted on what’s passed and what’s left on the to-do list. Thanks for being engaged in your state government.


Constituent Meeting June 8th

It was a pleasure to host a somewhat last-minute town hall meeting with Senator Dembrow, Rep. Keny-Guyer, and special guest Coastal Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell at the Hollywood Senior Center last weekend. We discussed recent updates on the Clean Energy Jobs journey of HB2020, housing and homelessness, gun violence prevention, and lots of other issues. Thank you to everyone that joined us!

town hall 1

Save the date for the evening of July 1st for our Joint session wrap-up Town Hall

-- location and time TBD.

Free summer resources with Portland Parks

From PPS: “Students can find food and fun activities all summer long through Summer Free For All, a partnership between Portland Public Schools and Portland Parks & Recreation.

The program offers free lunches, music from around the world, family-friendly movies, art, sports and games in Portland’s parks. Free swimming is available, with no registration, in city pools during set days and hours.” Visit the website for more details!

Free Smoke Detector installation

The American Red Cross Cascades Region in our district is offering free installation of smoke alarms. Since 2014, the Cascades Region of the Red Cross along with volunteers installed more than 26,000 smoke alarms, and in the last two months alone, the branch installed 2,000 free alarms. Visit their website to get more information. 


SCR 37: Recognizing Parkrose’s Keanon Lowe

On Wednesday, Senate Concurrent Resolution 37, which recognizes and honors Keanon Lowe for his brave and selfless actions at Parkrose High School last month, unanimously passed out of the Senate Committee on Rules. Keanon Lowe’s actions were heroic and honorable, but it should never take an individual putting their lives on the line to protect others. I am looking forward to honoring Keanon for his actions and am committed to assuring a tragedy such as this never happens again.

HB 2270: Tobacco, E-cigarette, and vaping taxes

On Thursday, I was proud to vote yes as the House Revenue Committee passed HB 2270. This bill will increase Oregon’s cigarette tax to a similar level as Washington and California, and finally establishes a tax on vaping products sold in Oregon. This bill serves as both a revenue source, by helping to fund the Oregon Health Plan, and a public health policy, by driving down smoking rates though increased cost. HB 2270 now goes to the Joint Tax Credit committee before going to the floor. If it passes, it now includes a voter referral for the 2020 election. be considered on the House Floor, and then off to the Senate. I will work hard to get this bill passed through the other chamber as quickly as possible.

AFSCME Constituents passionate about Public Defense funding

HB 3145

We are underfunding our public defense system so drastically that many of the defendants in the Oregon justice system are essentially being denied their 6th amendment right to counsel. This is extremely concerning, and I was glad to speak with some of my constituents who work (or are retired from) from Public Defenders offices on how important it is to pass HB 3145.

Here are some of the amazing people from the organization Give Us Shelter who WALKED to Salem from Portland to emphasize how important it is to them to fund supportive programs and services for housing and people experiencing homelessness. Wow. Thank you for your advocacy!

Give Us Shelter

Interesting bill updates:

HB 2714 passed the House this week along party lines. This bill establishes limits on campaign contributions accepted by candidates and political committees. Oregon currently has some of the most expensive campaigns in the nation, and no limits on contributions. This is an important step forward to bring more transparency and accountability to our election process, and I will track this bill as it moves through the Senate.

HCR 20 and HB 3377 passed through the House yesterday with overwhelming bipartisan support. HCR 20 updates respectful workplace policies which applies not only to legislators and staff, but lobbyists, interns, volunteers, and other groups that conduct business in the Capitol. HB 3377 establishes the Legislative Equity Office, which will oversee the implementation of respectful workplace trainings and provide guidance for navigating the complaint and investigation process. These pieces of legislation are a year in the making, and will hopefully help to finally change the culture of a Capitol that has not always been welcoming to all. I am happy to have voted in favor of both measures on the House Floor.

SB 870, the National Popular Vote compact, has been joined by the state of Oregon. This agreement adds Oregon to an Interstate Pact Agreement that says that the states will award all of their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. I voted in support of this bill because in two of the last five presidential elections, the candidate who won the popular vote lost the election. Oregonians need to have their voices heard during presidential elections, and this is one way to ensure that.

SB 420  will vacate past marijuana convictions for those convicted of possession,manufacturing, or selling of marijuana prior to its legalization in the state. This is an important step forward in rectifying sentencing disparities in targeted communities, especially communities of color, which would ultimately go on to affect future employment and housing opportunities for these groups. I am happy to report that this bill passed both chambers and is on its way to the Governor for her signature.

I am anticipating long sessions with lots of important bills finally getting passed in these last two weeks - stay in touch as the action continues and I’ll see you on the other side!



Representative Barbara Smith Warner
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