Revenue Forecast, Kicker, and Armed Forces Day

Representative Shelly Boshart Davis


On Wednesday, the Oregon state economists released the first quarter revenue forecast for 2019, which announced the state’s record amount of tax revenue and the kicker reaching a historic level of $1.4 billion.

So, what does this mean for the state?

It means the government is receiving more and more money in taxes, and still feels the need to raise taxes in the form of a commercial activities tax and the big Cap and Trade tax.

And what does it mean for taxpayers? Well, there is good news and bad news.

The good news: It means that the average taxpayer could get about $691 back from the state.


The bad news: The legislature already swiped $108 million from the kicker earlier this session and a bill was just introduced to do it again. This time, by half. Speaker Kotek is proposing to redirect roughly half of the estimated $1.4 billion tax rebate to spend it on transportation projects.

The kicker was created to curb the growth of government, not to act as a slush fund for the legislature to use it on anything they wish.


Just now, the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction passed the massive Cap and Trade bill out of committee along a party-line vote. It will now be considered before the Ways and Means committee.

I have poured so much time and energy into this bill to try to make it the least harmful for working families. The 182-page, final version of HB 2020 implements a far-reaching policy that will give tremendous power to the newly created Carbon Policy Office, which will be led by a government bureaucrat appointed by the governor.


Hardship Permits

I am thrilled to say that HB 3214 passed the House of Representatives 51-5. Now it’s in the Senate.

Passing legislation as a freshman legislator is hard and doesn't often happen. But when you take the time to solve issues for everyday Oregonians face, it's possible. 

This bill allows those who qualify for a hardship driver's permit to include stay-at-home parents and caregivers. Current law only allows permitting of those who are employed or seeking employment. Being a stay-at-home parent is a job and should be able to utilize a hardship permit to care for their family. 


Armed Forces Day

This week, Veteran Bret Lucich, performed an original composition for the House Representatives. This is the second time Bret has performed for us. 

There’s a hero
There’s a soldier
Man or woman
Who’s given their life
For our Country
For our Freedom 
God bring them home safe this time

#ArmedForcesDay is this Saturday, and we were able to listen to this performer on the House Floor today, with an original song. Part of the lyrics above.

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May. This year it will be celebrated on Saturday, May 18, 2019.  Thanks to President Harry S. Truman, it’s a day to pay special tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces. President Truman led the effort to establish a holiday in order for citizens to unite and to honor our military heroes for their patriotic service in support of the United States of America.

Interestingly, the marked celebration isn’t just limited to the United States; Other countries honor this victorious day too. 

Armed Services Day

Our very own legislative office has serving family members! 8 years of service and we thank you!

TSgt Shayna Perry – USAF – NCOIC Bioenvironmental Engineering – SHAW AFB

SSgt Christian Perry – USAF – NCOIC Community Health Element – SHAW AFB

Constituents of District 15 – if you have currently enlisted family – please let us know! Post their graduation photo on my Facebook wall.

OREGON CIVICS 101 by Renée Perry

Renee Civics

Hello friends of District 15!

Taking a small step backwards from the last installment – I wanted to provide a snapshot diagram of the structure of your Legislative Assembly. There will be more added next week. For now, here is this week’s digestible knowledge.

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Many businesses and community members across the nation, especially those who lost family members, friends or colleagues who were local officers, will lower their flags in remembrance of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Some police departments hold an annual law enforcement memorial ceremony on this day.

This week, Representative Ron Noble (above) led the opening ceremony while we honored our law enforcement officers on the House Floor. Representative Noble himself served in the Corvallis Police Department and as McMinnville’s Chief of Police. Thank you Representative Noble, ALL our law enforcement officers, and their families.


Albany FD

"Some Oregon fire departments are among some of the best rated in the nation. Albany is one of those departments, meaning Albany residents could see a drop in their home insurance rates, thanks to a national rating system."

Thank you to our wonderful Albany Fire Department for their heroism and courage to serve our community.

Read the whole story here.



This week, I had the distinct honor to be featured on Rep. Daniel Bonham's exclusive podcast. Stay tuned for its release! 

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