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Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis
Foster Care Reform


When running for office, the number one issue people had or wanted to talk about was our foster care system. As a rookie legislator in a fast-moving legislature with obvious agendas, I have been looking for ways to be effective and helpful for our most vulnerable. I will continue to do so, and appreciate the positive feedback I have received thus far.

Check out these articles on issues surrounding Oregon's foster care system:


HB 2217: The House of Representatives will be voting on this bill on Monday. I have gotten a lot of emails and phone calls about this bill because it is part of the Death with Dignity conversation.

SB 1008: The Senate passed reforms to juvenile criminal sentencing laws on Tuesday. It is now on its way to the House. This bill amends Measure 11, which the Oregon voters have affirmed twice. 

SB 978: The Senate President ordered this gun bill to the Senate Rules Committee, a temporary set back for the biggest gun bill of the session. 

HB 3427: On Tuesday, the Joint Committee on Student Success will be having an additional hearing on the this new gross receipts tax. This bill raises $2 billion in new tax revenue in an effort to fund the public school system. 

Benny and Shelly


I can’t tell you how excited I was all day for OSU Day. To feel just a bit of the happiness I had, check out these links to my “orange” pictures and video from the fun day. 

~ VIDEO: I watched the OSU Band play on the front steps of the Capitol first thing in the morning: 

~ PICTURE: Benny the Beaver is in the HOUSE (and Senate)

INTRODUCTION: I had the honor to extend courtesies to Benny on the House Floor. Watch here:

Benny is in the HOUSE

~ VIDEO: I carried SCR22 which commemorated the 2018 Oregon State National Championship Baseball Team! 

~ I met with Oregon State students to talk about everything from life goals to budgetary responsibilities

OSU Students

~ There were yells of “Go BEAVS” and high-fives constantly every time I saw another person in Beaver orange. Beaver Nation was well represented in the Oregon Legislature on Wednesday and it was nice to have some light-hearted moments. (SEE MORE PICTURES BELOW)

Diaper Drive


2019 Diaper Drive – Downtown Locations
• 1st Hand Seconds Unique Boutique
• AK Carpet & More
• Albany Carousel
• Albany Downtown Association
• Davis Glass
• Emma Downtown
• Fidelity National Title
• First Burger
• Greater Albany Chamber of Commerce
• Jack & Jill Resale
• Jordan Jewelers
• LaBelle Boutique
• No Dinx
• Oak Creek Collection
• Pacific Yew Yoga
• SunnyPatch Boutique
• Washington Federal Savings
• Willamette Community Bank



Devastating news from Coos Bay. Anyone who thinks operating costs aren't extremely important to minimize when dealing with global competition simply doesn't understand business. Rural Oregon depends on these jobs. I'm just shaking my head. So so sorry to hear.

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Repaving Project

KUDOS to our Linn County Road Department

Thank you LCRD for dealing with the receding flood waters. This picture was taken on Monday while crews were working on Peoria Road.


OR 34: Seven Mile Lane to Sunset Drive Paving HWY 34 will be repaved and shoulder rumble strips added between Seven Mile Lane and Sunset Drive, east of Interstate 5 and west of Lebanon.

Lanes will be closed for paving and 24-hour work zone speed restrictions. Watch for flaggers controlling traffic. Work on the western half of the project (mp 10.94-15.45) will be done during the day. Work on the eastern half (mp 15.45 - 16.83) will be done at night. No work will be done Friday - Sunday.

Work is scheduled to begin after May 1 and be completed by June 30, 2019



I applaud TriMet moving to electric buses... But we need to know the facts and the cost.

The transformation from diesel to electric is happening in the necessary places (Portland metro) and where technology is available (electric buses). Note: TriMet received a federal grant in August 2018 to help the agency buy an additional five battery-electric buses. And in September the board approved a plan to buy up to 80 additional buses during the next 5 or 6 years, paid for through $53 Million from the Oregon Legislature’s 2017 transportation funding package.

That is $662,500 for each bus. Planners estimate TriMet’s plan to ditch diesel would cost roughly $500 Million. House Bill 2020 (Cap and Trade) “encourages” a move over to green energy and electric vehicles by increasing the cost of fuel. The problem is, this technology doesn’t exist in all industries to make any change at all. This simply means the cost of living goes up for all of us without any meaningful impact on Climate Change.

TriMet updating to electric buses? Great. But it’s not practical in the real world across all industries… yet. And, private industry doesn’t have access to hundreds of millions of dollars from the state like TriMet does. So let’s applaud cautiously… and continue to ask our government to spend our hard earned tax dollars wisely. #FactsMatter

Gas Pump


In 2017, the Oregon Legislature passed the Transportation Package. Included in this was a highly contentious, but ultimately bipartisan and agreed upon $.10/gallon gas tax that has already begun to be implemented. This, along with many other taxes in the package, promised infrastructure and congestion relief. Basically, you get something for the increase. I get it.

Just two years later, now in 2019, the Oregon Legislature is considering a Cap and Trade package where the DEQ advised a $.15-.16/gallon increase *in the first year*. Disclaimer: there are many assumptions and unknowns, but the *DEQ* came up with this number, and to go as high as $.65/gallon. Ultimately, unlike the Transportation Package, the promise is a *hope* that other states will follow in a Cap and Trade program. Oregon being a guinea pig test-case with no promise of reduction in the effects of climate change while putting our rural Oregonians, working families, and industries at risk... it is simply irresponsible.

Those most able to change wouldn't feel the pinch.

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It's always a great day to be a Beaver! 

More pictures from #OSUday...

OSU Alumni


Rep. Reschke

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