Week 12 Recap: Redmond Affordable Housing, Crime Victim's Rights, and a Visit from the Bend Chamber

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Week 12 Recap: April 8 - 12, 2019

Another week of the legislative session is in the books! We made great progress in bringing affordable housing to Central Oregon, met with local small business champions, and much more! Find out more in my weekly recap:

Bend Chamber Lobby Day

Bend Chamber Lobby Day

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over half of job opportunities in Oregon are provided by small businesses. They act as the economic drivers of our State and local communities, and it's important that we do all we can to support them and help them thrive.

That's why it was such an honor to meet with members and leadership from the Bend Chamber of Commerce last week on their annual lobby day. We discussed the state of Bend's small business community and how we can work together from the local and legislative levels to create an environment that allows small businesses to flourish and continue to create the jobs we rely on.

Bringing Affordable Housing to Redmond

HB 2336 Floor Speech

Last week, the Senate passed HB 2336, which will bring hundreds of new, affordable housing options to Redmond. You can watch my floor speech on the bill by clicking the image to the right.

As a member of the Senate Committee on Housing and someone who has worked in the housing industry for 15 years, I know how important it is for Oregon to address our shortage of affordable housing. The passage of this bill marks a major landmark in doing that. As more and more people move to Central Oregon, we need to make sure our infrastructure keeps pace.

Thank you to Representatives Zika, Stark, and Helt and Speaker Kotek for your tireless work on this legislation!

Meeting with School Administrators


The Confederation of School Administrators held their annual advocacy day last week, which gave me the privilege of meeting with administrators and principals from all over the state. 

We discussed our work on the Joint Committee for Student Success, education funding, and the experiences of each administrator in their school and what they saw could be improved. I very much appreciate them taking the time to come to the Capitol and their work to ensure each of our children receive a quality education. 

Bleeding Disorder Awareness Day

Bill Robie from the Hemophilia Assoc.

Last week was Bleeding Disorder Awareness Week. On Monday, members of the National Hemophilia Association visited the Capitol to meet with legislators to tell their stories and explain the needs and concerns of those who suffer from bleeding disorders.

I had the opportunity to meet with Bill Robie, who is a champion of this issue, and two other Central Oregonians and discuss what we can do in the Senate Committee on Health Care to better ensure they have the resources they need. Thank you for coming by and spreading awareness of these diseases!  

Visit from the Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank Meeting

The Oregon Food Bank is an incredible organization that has been dedicated to relieving hunger in our State for decades.Most of us are fortunate enough to not have to know the plight of homelessness or hunger but the Oregon Food Bank stands up for those who do.

It's no secret that homelessness is an issue in Oregon. Many member of our community are falling through the cracks and we need to learn from and work with organizations like the OFB to do the best we can to provide them with food and water and help get them back on their feet. 

Visit from Mountainstar Relief Nursery

Primary Care Assoc.

MountainStar Family Relief Nursery's mission is to: "Prevent child abuse and neglect through community support and therapeutic services that help vulnerable children and families succeed"

They provide critical services to reduce incidents of child abuse and provide treatment for children who have suffered. I had the chance to meet with representatives from this organization last week to learn about their goals and strategies to achieve them. I am truly thankful that Central Oregon has an organization like this and that they have taken the time to share their knowledge and experiences.  

Meeting with Oregon Primary Care Assoc.


The Oregon Primary Care Association held their annual advocacy day last week and brought members of their organization by my office.

We had the chance to discuss their experiences working in primary care, policies that affect their work, and how they believe the State and heir industry should interact.Having high quality primary care in central Oregon is crucial to our community so I appreciate them taking the time to share their insights with me!

Crime Victim's Rights Week

Supporting Crime Victims

Last week was National crime Victim's Rights Week, which seeks to honor crime victims of the past and create hope for the future. Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel hosted an event to honor this week on Friday. Hummel gave he following quote on the importance of the week:

“Deschutes County residents are privileged to live in a community with such strong support for victims of crime,” said District Attorney John Hummel. “Victim advocates, Deschutes County Juvenile Community Justice, Saving Grace, KIDS Center, CASA and many other service groups, agencies and organizations work tirelessly to advocate for victims of crime. On behalf of victims of crime I thank them for their service.”

I appreciate DA Hummel's leadership and advocacy on supporting the victims of crime and his commitment to justice. 

Receiving UFCW Certificate of Appreciation

UFCW Award

I had a great visit from United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW 555). We had the opportunity to discuss workplace and employment policies. At the end of the conversation, they awarded me with the “Gold Shirt” Certificate of Appreciation, which was for legislation I supported in 2017 to help employees and employers have earlier schedules set to help with better planning for working families and employers. 

Thank you to this group for the award and for making their voices heard in the legislative process. 

Best Regards,


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