Affordable Housing Bill for Redmond Passes, headed to the Governor's Desk!

Jack Zika

Affordable Housing Bill for Redmond Passes both House and Senate, Don't forget to file your taxes!

Hello Friends,

We did it! The Redmond Affordable Housing Bill (HB 2336) passed out of the Senate Chamber this week and is now headed to the Governor’s desk for approval! I want to thank all of those, who came out in support of this bill including; Redmond Mayor George Endicott, Redmond City Manager Keith Witcosky, and Deschutes County Commissioners Phil Henderson, Tony DeBone, and Patti Adair. Additionally, I’d like to thank my colleagues Rep. Duane Stark, Rep. Cheri Helt, and Senator Tim Knopp, for advocating on this bill throughout the legislative process here in Salem.

If approved by the Governor, Redmond will be able to expand their Urban Growth Boundary and build 485 homes in Skyline Village. With half of these homes being deed restricted at 80% AMI (Area Median Income), this project will help to address the housing crisis facing Central Oregonians.

April 15th is vastly approaching, and I know most of us will be working hard this weekend, to complete our taxes by Monday's deadline. To make matters worse, the opposition party is proposing more than six billion dollars in new taxes. In fact, earlier this week, the major party proposed a two-billion-dollar gross receipt tax that would target small businesses. This proposal mirrors Measure 97 from 2016, which voters overwhelmingly rejected. I will continue to speak up for all Central Oregon families and businesses, and I will remind the legislation on how the 'unintended consequences' of these bills will impact every Oregonian.

Furthermore, I have introduced several bills that would create incentives and tax credits toward affordable housing programs and child care.

Incentives for Affordable Housing (HB 3207)- This bill would provide an incentive for the development of affordable housing by providing a capital gains tax elimination (roughly 9%) and start a larger conversation about the infill of small undeveloped properties inside urban growth boundaries.

Many Central Oregonians struggle to find Childcare. As a father of two little kids, we have had the same struggles and have been placed on many waiting lists. I have introduced some bills that would create incentives to expand our childcare needs.

Tax Credit for Childcare Workers (HB 3237)- This would create a tax credit for childcare workers in facilities rated three stars or higher with a quality rating and improvement system. Essentially, this would incentivize more quality childcare workers and help day cares retain quality staff. 

Incentivizing Day Care Providers and Landlords (HB 3240)- This bill would create a tax credit for landlords that reduce the rent to childcare facilities, and childcare providers that ensure a continued education of their staff. This bill will help reduce the cost-drivers of maintaining a childcare facility, bringing the cost of childcare down.

We are officially past the midway point! If you would still like to schedule a meeting here in Salem, please call my office at 503-986-1453.

Have a great weekend!


Jack Zika 


Bev Clarno

I had a chance to meet with Secretary of State Bev Clarno earlier this week to catch up! She is settling into her new office as we were chatting. I look forward to working with her and great to see a strong Central Oregon Representation here in Salem. 

Bend Chamber

Appreciate the Bend Chamber for driving over to the pass to come for the Chamber lobby day here at the Capitol! 

Primary Care Association

Constituents from the Oregon Primary Care Association drove from Central Oregon to visit our office! Thank you all for your commitment to our community! 

Food Bank

Thank you to the Oregon Food Bank for your volunteer service! Appreciate your group stopping by today! 

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Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, H-387, Salem, OR 97301