Dairy, Wheat, and Realtors

Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis
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The legislature is buzzing these days... More deadlines on Tuesday, April 9th. The two policy committees I sit on have packed schedules... Check them out here: 

Business and Labor

Agriculture and Land Use

As always, if you have any comments, concerns, or questions please contact my office! 

Cap and Trade

Overwhelmingly, those outside Portland do not support HB2020 as written. Once again it is Portland vs. the rest of Oregon. 

Even the Eugene based newspaper, the Register Guard spoke up about it: "The bill reeks of rich, progressive urbanites misunderstanding rural and struggling Oregon. It lacks incentives to encourage and support individual changes. Those most able to change wouldn’t feel the pinch."

Read more here

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ABC House

Child Abuse Prevention Month

I had the opportunity to attend the annual ‘Celebrate Hope’ fundraiser and dinner this week. Along with community members, we were able to learn how we (YOU) can make a difference in the lives of abused children in our community. So many organizations and community members were generous to the ABC House. Here in our community, we take care of each other - Thank you for the support and compassion!

As many of us know, children in our communities throughout the state face an increasing amount of risk, harm, bullying and abuse.

ABC House does some of the most important work of education and awareness, as well as working directly to help children in need. 

Read more…https://www.abchouse.org/

Get involved… https://www.abchouse.org/get-involved/

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Rosella Workinger


I had the honor to have a conversation with my constituent and Albany resident, Rosella Workinger - 94, this week upon hearing her incredible story.

Rosella’s brother, Junior Gowey, was among the 429 sailors and Marines who died on Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor aboard the U.S.S. Oklahoma on December 7, 1941.

Shockingly, the remains from more than 100 sailors who were buried in Hawaii in a single casket.

Three years ago, The Defense department asked for DNA samples - from Rosella and her son Paul. They were not optimistic anything would come of it.

When Rosella received the first official phone call, she thought it was a “crank call.” The follow up proved otherwise, as her brother’s remains were positively identified. Finally, the bittersweet closure she has needed for 78 years has come.

Now Rosella has the chance to give her brother a final tribute at Arlington National Cemetery on April 12. Rosella stated in her interview with Democrat Herald recently "Because that is a great honor and I know that it'll be a great honor for his memory."

I spoke on the House floor about her story and I look forward to following up with Rosella when she returns from Arlington. 

Read more… https://bit.ly/2U03gLE

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Town Hall Recap

Town Hall Recap

Last, weekend I hosted a town hall at LBCC. Watch the video here, in cased you missed it! Thank you to all who came out to listen and ask questions. We covered everything from vaccines, firearms, to Cap and Trade. 

Click here for video… https://youtu.be/xn-hvUXzExg

Click here for media article… https://bit.ly/2Uy0ems

Dairy Day


Always good moooods - when it is Dairy Day at The Capitol!

This week, we had dairy farmers from all over Oregon visit us.

There were endless dairy goodies provided all day long: Cheeses, drinks, yogurts, and ice cream!

The 60th Dairy Princess, Emily Henry, represented dairy farmers and our district with knowledge, grace, and elegance. Emily is a student at Linn-Benton CC and an experienced dairy farm worker. Emily has worked for Gourley Family Dairy Farm in Scio for years. Read more about Emily here: https://bit.ly/2Uxyazp

Oregon Dairy Fast Facts

1) 80% of dairy products made in Oregon are consumed outside of Oregon

2) There are dairy farms in 21 of Oregon's 36 counties and employ 12,222 people

3) Oregon dairies care for approximately 124,000 cows

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Oregon Wheat

Oregon Wheat Growers

I had the opportunity to introduce the Oregon Wheat Commission and growers on the Floor this week. The day commenced with extraordinary wheat-based confections – CAKES!

Education, information and communication. There is so much to learn.


1) It takes 2.3 bushels of wheat (138 pounds) to produce 100 pounds of white flour.

2) In 1880, it took 373 hours of labor to produce 100 acres of wheat. Today, it takes less than eight hours!

3) Wheat is the #1 export of the Port of Portland.

4) Umatilla County produces 25 – 30% of the state’s wheat. Approximately 90% of Oregon wheat is exported.

5) Oregon produces soft white wheat due to our region’s climate.

6) Wheat makes cakes. See for yourself in the photo below!

Thank you for all you do, wheat growers, Oregon Wheat Growers League and Oregon Wheat Commission!

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Wheat Collage



Thank you, Oregon Realtors and Oregon Association of Realtors for your visit to The Capitol! It was a great occasion to learn and engage with our good home-grown people.


1) The real estate industry accounts for $45,123,000 (19.9%) of the gross state product in Oregon

2) The median household income of homeowners is $75,452.

3) Specifically, in District 15, the median estimated home value is $280,560 (up 11.5% over the last 12-month span)

Thank you OAR for helping people live the American Dream!


Community Engagement
2A Testimony

Constituents Jody and Loren came to the Capitol to testify about the firearm legislation.


Marie, a friend and fellow farmer, has found herself up at the Capitol quite a bit to make her voice heard this session. 

Baby Hank

Cute babies, like Hank, always make work around the Capitol a little easier! 

The BLUE I can and will support. Thank you to all the State Police that keep the Capitol safe day in and day out! 

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State Police

Community Events
  • April 6: League of Women Voters Town Hall | Benton County Library | 10am
  • April 6: Farmer’s Market at The Warehouse | 9am-12pm
  • April 6: LBCC Foundation’s – ‘One Night in Old Hollywood’ Gala – Flinn Block Hall | 5:30pm to TBD
  • April 9: Family Fire Safety Class - Albany Fire Department – Station 12 | 6:30-7:30pm
  • April 10: History Bites – Albany Regional Museum | 12-1pm
  • April 13: Family Appreciation Fair | Linn County Courthouse | 11am-3pm
  • April 13: iCelebrate Kids Benefit Gala – Albany Boys and Girls Club | 5-9pm
  • April 13 & 14: Pacific NW Reptile & Exotic Animal Show – Linn County Expo Center | 4/13 10am-5pm | 4/14 10am-4pm
  • April 13 & 14: Oregon Painted & Sterling Spring Classic Horse Show – Linn County Expo Center

Talk soon,

Rep. Boshart Davis

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