PERS Reform, Tax Cuts for Working Families, and Outdoor Recreation Funding

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Week 10: March 25th - 29th, 2019

We are over half way through the legislative session! We have come a long way, but there is still much work to be done. Here is a recap of the last week in the Capitol:

The Need for PERS Reform


I recently published an Op-Ed about the immediate need for meaningful PERS reform. You can Read the article by clicking the image to the left. Even with record revenue, Oregon’s financial situation is perilous because of PERS. Our students, infrastructure, and public safety will not receive the support they need from the state until real PERS reform occurs. As legislators, we have a responsibility to fix the problems facing Oregon.

Tax Cuts for Working Families

Pile on more taxes...

I am proud to have introduced SB 1029, a tax break for low and middle income Oregon families. Oregon has some of the highest tax rates for these families in the country, and they haven’t recovered equally compared to higher income earners since the recession.

Lowering the tax burdens for these families will give them a needed pay raise while bolstering the economy ahead of a suspected approaching economic recession. Oregon has record setting revenues, it is time to give a break to working families. Thanks to Ben Love for the cartoon!

Meeting with Friends of Family Farms

Friends of Family Farms Visit

Friends of Family Farmers is an important organization, they promote independent family-scale agriculture. They work to ensure that our food choices help regenerate our food system. Sensible policies is a cornerstone of their mission. All of us depend on the success of the crops and land, so thank you for your work!

Paid Family Leave Hearings

Paid family Leave Hearings

On Monday, The Senate Workforce Committee held a special evening hearing to hear HB 3031 and HB 3385, which are two paid family leave bills that have come to our committee from the House.

Thank you to the many people who showed up to offer testimony, both in favor and opposition of the bills. There is still much work to be done on these bills before they will make it before the Senate for a vote, which is why it's so important for us to hear your voices. You can reach out to my office to inform me of your stance on paid family leave at (503) 986 - 1727.


J Bar J Youth Programs

J Bar J Meeting

J Bar J Youth programs stopped by my office last week. They are doing some of the most challenging and truly rewarding work in our community.

They have both boys programs, girls programs, programs for runaway or homeless teens, and families in crisis. Thank you for updating me on your important work!

Supporting the Outdoor Recreation Industry

HB  3251 Testimony

Last week I testified in support of HB 3251, which would authorize the Oregon Business Development Department to make loans and award matching grants to membership organizations and business accelerators in the outdoor recreation industry. I'm proud to be a co-chief sponsor of this bi-partisan legislation.

Outdoor recreation is huge in Central Oregon. Not only does it provide opportunity to see natural beauty and exercise, but the businesses that support outdoor recreation help fuel our local economy. I want to make sure that the outdoor recreation industry has the ability to thrive in Central Oregon, and this bill would be a big help in doing that.  

Firearm Safety Education

SB 801 Testimony

On Wednesday, I was proud to testify on a bill that I have worked on to improve firearms safety for children. The bill would create completely voluntary educational programs in school, led by firearms safety accredited law enforcement personnel, and would instruct first graders to find an adult and not to touch a gun if they came across one.

This is sensible instruction and would reduce the risk of accidental shootings and firearm mismanagement  while respecting the wishes of parents’ ability to control their children’s education. You can find More information on the bill here:


Visit from Causa


Last week, nearly 30 constituents from Causa made it over to share their support for HB 2015, which would allow undocumented immigrants living in Oregon to legally attain drivers cards.

Thank you for coming by and sharing your stories! It is always important to hear all sides of the debate on legislation.

Best Regards,


Senator Tim Knopp 
Senate District 27

email: I phone: 503-986-1727
address: 900 Court St NE, S-309, Salem, OR, 97301
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