Week 8 Recap: Kaylee's Law, Combating Age Discrimination, and Supporting Survivors

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Week 8 Recap: March 11 - 15, 2019

We had another busy week in the Capitol building! Here are the highlights of last week from your State Senator:

Campus Security Reform: Kaylee's Law

Kaylee's Law Testimony

Last Wednesday, I joined the Sawyer family, Attorney General Rosenblum, District Attorney John Hummel, Bend Police Chief Jim Porter and Representative Cheri Helt in testifying in support of SB 576. We must ensure that those whom we entrust with our college’s security are held to the highest of standards.

Our memory of Kaylee Sawyer and her tragic loss comes with a solemn responsibility; a responsibility to prevent such a horrendous tragedy from occurring again. Security must come with transparency and accountability, our students deserve no less. My prayers are with the Sawyer family, and I am grateful for their courage and dedication to this issue in this difficult time. You can watch our testimony by clicking the image above.

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault

Supporting Survivors

My colleagues and I have the opportunity vote on many resolutions throughout session, but SCR 25 will without a doubt be the most important resolution we vote on this year. You can watch my floor speech by clicking the image to the right:

SCR declares legislative support for the survivors of sexual violence and that the legislature is committed to creating an Oregon that is safe and respectful to all. There has been a culture in private and public employment that has subjected women to harassment and unfair treatment for far too long. This resolution is a an important step in the right direction. There is a lot more work to be done, but with real leadership and commitment to accountability, I know we can change that culture.

Combating Childhood Poverty


Data shows it is harder for students in poverty to succeed at the same level as students not in poverty. That’s why I have sponsored a bill focusing on students in poverty. Many of these students are in rural areas, just like the area I call home, and I want to ensure our under privileged students have an equal chance to succeed. I am committed to doing everything I can to tackle youth poverty, and this bill helps do that. You can watch my testimony on SB 535 by clicking the image to the left.

Warm Springs Community Action Group


It was my pleasure to meet with the Warm Springs Tribe Community Action Team last week! We discussed their well-rounded efforts to make the Warm Springs community thrive at all levels. I believe it's incredibly important for the State and Tribal communities to work together so that we can properly represent all Oregonians, so thank you for meeting with me and sharing your work!

Stopping Child Sex Abuse

3180 testimony

HB 3180 is one of three bills I’ve sponsored relating to child abuse prevention and treatment.The life time cost of a child who has been abused is about $200k. We have no higher calling than to protect those who can’t protect themselves, and that is our kids.

I believe we are here to protect the voiceless. I worked on Erin’s law in the past, which is a safe-touch education that allows students K-12 to be educated on what is safe. An abuser rarely has only one victim, so to increase education for kids in schools saves money and lives.

This is about health and safety, and we have no higher calling then to protect the health and safety of those who can’t.

Stopping Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination Testimony

I'm proud to be a sponsor of HB 2818, which would strengthen protections against age discrimination in Oregon. We hear far too many stories of unfair employment practices being used against aging Oregonians. This bill is a step in the right direction towards preventing those cases and remedying this issue.

Meeting with Rise Above Plastics

Rise Above Plastics

Thank you to the Oregon Student Public Interest Group for meting with me on their "Rise Above Plastics" lobby day. We discussed how we can reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our landfills and environment. Natural beauty is a main attraction to Central Oregon and I'm committed to protecting it from plastic pollution.

Oregon Youth Challenge Cadets

Youth Challenge Program

It was my honor to host the Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program members as honorary pages on the Senate floor last week. These students' patriotism, discipline, and commitment to serving their county is to be admired. I'm glad they could make the trip to Salem and partake in the legislative process!

Friends of the Children Central Oregon

Kim Hatfield

Friends of the Children Central Oregon is an organization dedicated to supporting at-risk children. Children in their mentorship programs are far more likely to graduate high school and avoid the juvenile justice system. It was my pleasure to meet with their Executive Director, Kim Hatfield, to hear more about their work for Central Oregonians and find out how we can help. Thank you, Kim, for your fantastic work.

Visit from Commissioners DeBone & Adair

 County Commisisoners

Last week I met with Commissioners Patti Adair and Tony DeBone to discuss several issues facing the county. We discussed land use questions, the state of the County, and SB 365. We have been working on an amendment that would help protect the county’s ability to regulate marijuana grows to fit the local community’s needs.

Oregon Hospice Association

Oregon Hospice Association

The Oregon Hospice and Palliative Care Association works to ensure access to high quality end of life care for Oregonians. This is a difficult time for all involved, but high quality and compassionate care can certainly ease the process.That's why I supported SB 178 to help enhance palliative care I appreciate this organization's work and was happy to get a chance to speak with their members from Central Oregon last week!

Advocating for Veterans

Master Chief JW Terry

On Thursday I enjoyed a visit from JW Terry, a 30 year US Navy veteran, Executive Director of Central Oregon Veterans Outreach (COVO), the President of Oregon Band of Brothers as well as the Bend Chapter. Master Chief Terry is a tireless and dedicated advocate for veterans, improved mental health, and the homeless.

His work with COVO has helped to combat the prevalence of not only veterans struggling with homelessness, but families who are homeless or at risk for permanent housing. I appreciate his insight to these complex and difficult issues, and his dedication and selflessness to his country and fellow man. Thank you for your service!

Meeting with Oregon Recovers

Oregon Recovers

Oregon Recovers is a great organization that helps support Oregonians battling addiction. Last week I had the chance to meet with their members from Central Oregon, hear about their recovery stories, and how they're working to support others. 

Addiction is a disease that causes individuals and their family's so much pain. We must work with partners like Oregon Recovers to prevent addiction, help those suffering, and support those who are in the recovery process. 

Best Regards,


Senator Tim Knopp 
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