Week 7 Recap: Deschutes Basin Water Management, educational equality, and suicide prevention

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Senator Tim Knopp

Week 7 Recap: March 4 - 8, 2019

The legislative session is flying by - we're already 7 weeks in! Here is a recap of  the previous week in the Capitol:

Teen Suicide Prevention

Teen Suicide Prevention

On Tuesday the Senate took a very important vote to help students struggling with mental illness. SB 52, or Adi's Act, is named after Adi Staub, a student who tragically took her own life.

Adi's Act will require school districts to adopt policies and plans to prevent youth suicide so that we can get students like Adi help. Christine Staub, Adi's mother, gave the following statement in public testimony on the bill “Adi's Act will give stronger, more consistent policy to educate teachers, administrators and school staff on how to effectively respond to our kids at-risk for suicide."

I'm proud to have supported this bill and hope it receives similar support in the House.

Meeting with Oregon School Employees Association

OSEA Visits Senator Knopp

Last week the Oregon School Employees Association came by the office to go over their organization's work and goals for the future.

We discussed education funding and all of the different roles that must be played to ensure our students receive the education they deserve. Thanks again for coming by!

Education for Every Child

Senator Knopp Testifies

On Thursday, I testified in support of SB 719, which would direct the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to evaluate the impact of abbreviated school day programs on behavioral issues of students with an individualized education program (IEP).

I’m proud to have spent multiple years working with Senator Gelser to ensure every child has access to an education.We have found in the past that abbreviated school day programs have had serious flaws and discriminatory practices. This bill will help ensure each of our students receive their constitutional right to an education. 

Expanding Central Oregon Water Resources

Water Management in Deschutes Basin

Water is a key resource in Deschutes County. Over the decades, our water management in the Deschutes Water Basin has had to be revisited and redesigned in order to keep up with municipal growth and meet ecological needs. 

The time for water management reform has come again, and our community has stepped up and received $30 million in federal funding for the project, but we need to have the state partner with us to make it happen. You can watch my testimony on how important of an issue this is and why the state should join us and provide the resources needed to ensure our communities have the water they need for decades to come. 

Visit from Oregon Medical Association Members

Oregon Medical Association

It was great to visit with constituents from the Oregon Medical Association last week during their annual lobby day!

I always enjoy getting to hear the insights and perspectives of people on the ground level of industries so that I can understand their concerns and legislate accordingly. This group shared a lot with me on the insides of their work as medical professionals and the healthcare system in general. 

Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition

League of Women Voters

Self Advocacy Coalition

The Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition is an organization of individuals advocating for the rights of those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. I had the pleasure of meeting with members of this organization last week to discuss the importance of ensuring that people with disabilities have equal opportunity in employment, education, health care, and all other aspects of society. 

Thanks again for your visit and participating in the legislative process! 

Secretary Richardson's Memorial Service

Godspeed Secretary Richardson

On Wednesday, Secretary Richardson was laid in State prior to his memorial service in the House Chamber.

It was a tough day for all who had the pleasure of serving with Dennis. He was an excellent legislator and Secretary of state, but an even better person.

The service was powerful and full of stories that detailed Secretary Richardson's character and career of service. If you were unable to attend, here is a link to watch the service online:https://youtu.be/jYT15rrC3PQ 

Visit from Central Oregon Community College

COCC Visit

Matt McCoy from Central Oregon Community College came by this week to discuss all of the great things going on at COCC.

Community colleges play such a critical role in our education system today, especially as tuition rates at universities continue to skyrocket. They offer affordable, technical, and high-quality programs that prepare students for the workforce. Thanks Matt for coming by and for helping make COCC a great place. 

National Association of Social Workers

National Association of Social Workers

The National Association of Social Workers came by the Capitol last week to discuss their organization's legislative prioritizes and goals. The importance of social workers work cannot be overstated. 

They provide such a wide variety of services all aimed at bettering children and families. In order to have a strong country, we must have strong families, so thank you to NASW for all your great work and the great conversation.

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